Tips to Get More Seeds and Speedup Download Process in uTorrent

by on September 16th, 2013

uTorrent is the faster way to share and download large size files. You can create torrent and transfer large file by using uTorrent easily. How many times have you observed that you download a healthy torrent but with time it loses seeds and downloading speed? Torrent download speed depends on available seeds and some other adjustable parameters in uTorrent software. By default, uTorrent is set to download any file at normal bandwidth allocation and with less connections. You can edit the uTorrent preferences to alter default values to give it a boost. This can be controlled by the following way.

First of all remember to do this often:

  • Right click on file being downloaded and select ‘update tracker
  • Right click on file being downloaded and select ‘Advanced‘ > ‘Reset Bans

Resetting bans sometimes will immediately give your download a boost. You will notice slight increase in seeds quantity, download speed and torrent’s availability.

uTorrent Settings and Preferences for Faster Downloads

Right click at the file being downloaded and go to ‘Bandwidth Allocation‘ and select > ‘High

Click ‘Options‘ from the top menu in uTorrent
Click ‘Preferences
In preferences select ‘bandwidth‘ from left menu
In ‘number of connections’, set the values for ‘global maximum number of connections’ and ‘maximum number of connected peers per torret’ higher. I have set it 1000 for me.

Change the value of ‘number of upload slots per torrent’ to 1.

That’s it. Now uTorrent will download files faster for you and you will see an increase in available seeds. It will increase downloading speed by 200% to 300%.