Get More From Your Blog Admin

by on December 13th, 2007

If you are new to blogging, or you have been blogging for a while, even then you will not be familiar with some of its stuff which can prove very beneficial after when you know about it and use it. You will realize that you had to know it before, from the start. Here is explanation to some of WordPress’s important elements which you should know before you are fully into the blogging.

What is Excerpt

Excerpt of post is a little selection or extraction which describes summary of the real post. A passage selected from a larger work. Excerpt is important part of post. It is good to provide user of website with the introductory paragraph or teaser to let him know that what the rest of long post contains? There is a default Optional Excerpt in WordPress software in writing section, below than the rich-text-editor. There are also advanced Excerpt Plugins available with some advanced features for download at WordPress website. Excerpt shows up above in the origional post text depending upon your blog template settings and also in the rss feeds. If you do not write an excerpt with the post then in rss feeds, starting words from first paragraph of post will be shown.


Slug is the URL or permalink of the specific post. Usually the title of the post with some modifications becomes the URL of the post. That can be edited later on from the slug section.

Check Spellings

Blog rich-text-editor has a facility to check spellings what you have written. Correct spellings are very important because search engines pick up right spelled content. Always  check spellings before you post.

Split Post With More Tag

I found this out much later to be honest. You can seperate complete post with some part of it. I mean if you want that at pages not all post be shown (good in case the post is very long) but a part of it and then a link saying read the rest of the entry or read more be shown. Then in your rich-text-editor there is an icon with white colored two boxes near the tree (insert/edit image) icon, and is representing a kind of seperator between two sections. Well that is the one click secret for spliting post with more tag. Well not a secret but may be sometimes we can miss little but important and apparent things.

Title of Post

Use title of post very carefully. This is the main thing which will drag users and search engines towards your blog. Title with some modification becomes URL also. Catchy and interesting title is preferable.


Second box under categories selection box in writing section of admin is discussion wich offers allow comments and allow pings. Ping lets other websites, rss aggregators, blogs, search engines know about your post. Very important. Do not forget to check this option while posting.


When I started my first blog. I liked to use maximum features and widgets in sidebars offered by blogging software. Then I learned after looking at professional blogs that only essential and necessary parts are used to minimize load at server and to give professional look. This thing vary by blogger to blogger. I mean what is the advantage of using meta widget element in sidebar when you know where your admin is! You will find thousands of sidebar widgets, utilities and addons etc. but I would recommend only essential ones to use for meaningful and purposeful look and feel and usage of blog.

Pages Essentials

Do not use comments for pages I would recommend, unless required. Edit comments page of your blog template for message if you do not use comments in pages to set it accordingly.