Get Microsoft Windows 7 for Just $50 Dollars

by on October 7th, 2009

win-7-offerIf you have not gone to college yet and you want to get Windows 7 for less, now is the time to enroll. Students will be able to buy Windows 7 Home Premium edition and Windows 7 Professional edition for just £30. Microsoft is offering college and university students Windows 7 operating system in less price. Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional will be available for £30 each, compared to the normal prices of £79.99 and £189.99 respectively.

Students can pre-order Microsoft’s next-generation operating system from Sept 30, while Windows 7 is scheduled to be launched on Oct 22 for markets.

Windows 7 high price attracted much criticism because of the Windows Vista failure previously.

Computer users upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 will have to pay £79.99 for the Windows 7 Home Premium edition, £189.99 for the Windows 7 Professional edition, or £199.99 for the Windows 7 Ultimate edition. Those still running earlier platforms e.g. Windows XP, will have to perform a clean install, and will need a full retail copy of Windows 7, which will cost £149.99 for the Home edition, £219.99 for the Professional edition, and £229.99 for the Ultimate edition. All copies are single-license and can only be installed on one computer.

Microsoft offers education discounts on many products but this seems to be a direct attempt to compete with Apple considering the fact that Mac laptops are hugely popular with university students. An upgrade to MAC latest operating system, Snow Leopard, costs just £29.99 for all Mac users. Windows 7 costs more as compared to Snow Leopard.