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Download Bugs Bunny – Free Game


Download Wolf Child – Free Game


Download Super Airwolf – Free Game


Download Air Force Missions – Free Game


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Download Super Street Fighter – Free Game


Download Sonic 3D – Free Game


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Download Shinobi Return of Ninja Master – Free Game


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249 Reviews

  1. mrinde jackson says:

    can u plz keep other new games like gta san andreas

  2. Prince Tahin says:

    Man… I want racing game full HD……..

  3. Hiroshi says:

    @raffles: just download, extract and play.

  4. eko says:

    hiroshi-chan, thank you very much, i remember when i was child playing this games…..hahahahah

    btw what about ace combat 2, i will be waiting

  5. raffles says:

    Hiroshi, if I download these game, do I to download the emulator also or automatically when I download the game It can be already to use it without these emulator? please tell me, I am so excitied want to play.

  6. raffles says:

    thank you hiroshi. you’re the best. I miss these game. I grow with this games.

  7. Sumit Gogawat says:

    @Hiroshi: I think its a soul edge game.

  8. Sumit Gogawat says:

    Hi Hiroshi

    How r u?

    Today i have write about a very old game. The game has some characters a girl (fire with a sparrow, a old lady (when she drink blood she has young), and a man rising horse from his legs. I dont know the name of the game. Did you know which is the game.

    Please reply about this game. I think its name is atlas

  9. Sumit Gogawat says:

    Hi Vishal
    You want mustaffa, It’s called Cadillacs & Dinosaurs. Please take this from C word category and enjoy

  10. aabeecee says:

    I want to download “Black Tiger 1987 capcom game (US version)” or “Black Dragon 1987 capcom game (Japanese version)”.
    can u provide

  11. Hiroshi says:

    @vishal: I need more info on that game. Thank you Vishal. You can read about page. And my ancestors had been from India. Yes!

  12. Sheraz says:

    Thanx for nice sharing this games i really so impress this site and i research many more! time but i cant get thanx thanx thanx for sharing GOD BLESS U…!!!

  13. Usama Ejaz says:

    any 3d adventure game for me

  14. vishal says:

    do u have the fighting game ,i dont know the name but players r as ”wylar, reo, buttlar, jiny, and many more

  15. vishal says:

    i m also surching for the fighting game
    i dont know the name but cherectares r ”wylar(big man look like tarzen), reo, buttlar(small fatty man),jiny and many more

  16. vishal says:

    hi hiroshi
    how r u
    r u indian
    if yes then where
    what r u by proffesion
    i m asking u bcz i like your way to replying without any charge this is really good,
    i had visit this site fist time on day before yesterday. and i m impressed.

    do u heard the game ”MUSTUFFA” it’s game like dobble dragon-2

  17. vishal says:

    its awesome,
    i like that games
    from that half of the game r downloded by me.

    do u have any idea about the fighting game which contains heros named ”wylar, reo, buttler, jinny, and many more”

  18. Jonathan says:

    THanks hiroshi for the game :)

  19. Hiroshi says:

    @mohammad:We are searching that game. Guyz, help us find that game.

    1) it was a fighting game
    2) you could only select one fixed character, the rest were all opponent or could be selected in two player mode.
    3)the guy you can select had a sword in hand
    4) one of the opponent was a tall half human half allegator type(with a long tail) guy with a red turkish cap or like that of a magician we would see in old movies.

  20. Hiroshi says:

    @Jonathan: While you are playing the game press tab key. This will bring the controls to configure. Configure input controls using your joystick and you are done.

  21. Jonathan says:

    Thanks Hiroshi found the configure settings. can you upload wardner please?
    Thanks for your help.

  22. Jonathan says:

    Hi, hiroshi first of all thanks for giving such amazing games.can tumble pop be played with joystick and if yes how ?beacause i cant find the settings int the control options. thanks.

  23. mohammad says:

    i am looking for a game which i used to play alot years back but i dont remember its correct name. however , i do remember few features.

    1) it was a fighting game
    2) you could only select one fixed character, the rest were all opponent or could be selected in two player mode.
    3)the guy you can select had a sword in hand
    4) one of the opponent was a tall half human half allegator type(with a long tail) guy with a red turkish cap or like that of a magician we would see in old movies.

    i know it would be difficult with this information but if some thing clicks up let me know thanks

  24. mohammad says:

    can anybody name this game which i used to play alot in years back but i dont remember its name.

    it was a fighting game

    you could only select one character rest were all opponent.

    the character that you select had a sword in his hand

    one of the opponent had a hat on his head(turkish style or like a magician) had a human face and a body of an allegator. that is it has a big tail. he was the second or third opponent always.

    please let me know if some thing clicks up

  25. Hiroshi says:

    @Sinjo: The game will be up today. Please check back soon.

  26. Sinjo says:

    hai..can you help me please?….I want playing game GUARDIANS/ DENJIN MAKAI 2 so where i can download this game?.. thank you

  27. Hiroshi says:

    @bajakfilm: Screenshot and name Required.

  28. bajakfilm says:

    Playing old plane against dinosaurs. Every boss enemy is Big Dinosaurs. 2D game from side. I forgot the titles. Please upload.

  29. oser says:

    hammer’y henry I cannot play please help

  30. Hiroshi says:

    @Sumit Gogawat:
    Mugan and its customization Guide
    Mugan with 70+ characters loaded
    more mugan updates coming…
    What more do you want in mugan? Which characters? KOF?
    Can anyone create an account at techmynd forum and start a thread about mugan there?

  31. Hiroshi says:

    @ristar87: Here is the Fatal Fury Special.
    Thanks for correction.

  32. Sumit Gogawat says:

    Hi Hiroshi

    How r u? Before some days I was download a game Mugen King of Fighters (Basically Mugen Emulator). This has lots of new arrivals (Characters). Can you please find me some more new King of Fighters Mugen. Latest Edition for more Information, you have to check out youtube website and at there search “Mugen KOF”. You have to see lots of screenshots of Mugen King of Fighters.

    Please please please take this once. Or Suggest me how can I configure a mugen after download from your site.

    Thanks & Regards

  33. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Dear Hiroshi,
    I find this gam name. MidNight Resistance is games name
    please send me this game

  34. andy says:

    @Hiroshi: the game is called midnight resistance

  35. ristar87 says:

    @Hiroshi: I already downloaded that one. It’s Real Bout Fatal Fury Special not old Fatal Fury Special from 1993. You have to fix that text on the download page to match Real Bout Fatal Fury Special game.
    I also found Real Bout Dominated Mind on some other website. It’s PlayStation game only and when I downloaded it was 1.30 Gb big (on 2 CDs).
    There is no need to to inform me unless you find this game that is smaller size.
    Thank you :)

  36. Hiroshi says:

    @Ijaz ur Rehman: O Dear! We need more hints on that one.
    TechMynd guests!!! Please help here identify this game???

    A game like contra – player shoot enemy and get keys – at the end of stages he gets powers (including superpower). What’s the name of the game?

  37. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Hi Hiroshi,
    I am Ijaz your old friend, how are you.
    I need a game i d’nt know this game name but it like contra game player shoot enemy and get keys end of stages he get powers(includ super power)
    Please find and send me this game

  38. ristar87 says:

    I’m a big fan of Fatal Fury games and I downloaded all of them from this site. I’m really grateful for that, but I couldn’t find only the one… Fatal Fury Special / Garou Densetsu Special (1993). It’s basically Fatal Fury 2 Champion Edition. It has all the characters form Fatal Fury 2 plus 4 more: Tung Fu Rue, Duck King, Geese Howard and Ryo Sakazaki. I’m talking about this one:
    Oh, I also need Real Bout Dominated Mind…
    Is there any chance you could find them and upload on this website? Please ^_^

  39. ristar87 says:

    This website is so GREAT! So many cool Arcade games. THANKS FOR UPLOADING AND SHARING GUYS :D

  40. surinder says:

    these r awesome

  41. jagat says:

    great job hiroshi..

  42. memed says:

    thank all for free games

  43. MSI says:

    Hi, I love these games. One question…?
    Can anyone tell me that in Chuka Taisen game how can I use mouse instead of arrow keys. Mean right now using arrow keys for up, down, left & right but its bit difficult. How can I use mouse for up, down, right & left functions. plzzzzzzzzzz help?

  44. Hiroshi says:

    @sachin: Can you show me screenshot of the game Atlus or video from youtube?

  45. sachin says:

    as an visitor of this site i’m asking u for an game called atlus an classic japanese game
    i’m found of this game
    pls provide me the game

  46. majjood says:

    Thanks Hiroshi for these exciting games ..thank you very much :)

  47. Sunil says:

    @Hiroshi: I love your site hiroshi

  48. raj.sharma says:

    hi hiroshi first of all thanks 2 u for giving such amazing games, i found ur web site by searching games in google n beleve me i hv never found any website which hv such types easily downlaodable games. since childhood i hv gr8 passion about games and art of fighting is my one of my fav. game and i m searching it now my search is complete by u but there is a problem, it is not with full version it does not have any cheats that means fighter can not asses special powers as opposite fighter hv. pls can u gv me full version game in which my fighter can play with all the special powers like aoo,etc.pls pls do it 4 me dear i m verry passionate about this game and pls gv me some more fighting games full version like that. again thank u. i m wating 4 ur reply by by ………

  49. Hiroshi says:

    @Sumit Kumar gogawat: You might wanna see the following post for rar password recovery tools:
    and for the KOF hack versions, i am still wondering what are the hack versions!!! Are these separate kof games with hacks of something? whats that? Kof versions with unlocked characters or something?

  50. Sumit Kumar gogawat says:

    Hi Hiroshi

    Please suggest me how can i break a password from a winrar archive.

    And how i can get kof 96 & 98 hack (not combo hack) Versions

    Thanks & REgards

  51. Sherry says:

    thnx man this website is a blast it has all the best games such as kof and snow bros
    keep updating it


  52. Hiroshi says:

    @Sumit Gogawat: You will need emulatotos for those roms. Different emulators are needed for different roms. Try mame, mameplus, winkawaks, FBA, etc. We have kof game all versions at TechMynd.

  53. Sumit Gogawat says:

    Hi Hiroshi,

    My name is Sumit Gogawat. I am from India. I have lots of game roms (.rom files) but i cant run it. Would you like to tell me how can i run all these roms.

    & Sir, Please Suggest me from where i can download all the King of Fighters hack versions.

    Please Sir, reply urgently.

    Thanks and Regards

    Sumit Gogawat

  54. Sachin says:

    hi hiroshi how are u
    u r really doing a great task by giving us the game we want
    can u pls upload the game bubble bobble just like the snow bros in which there are two dragons u turn there enemies into the bubbles & then burst them & give return them as fruits this is also a classic game which i play in my childhood & i want to play it once again
    there is one more game in my mind that is scrabble atleast people would earn something from this kind of games

  55. Hiroshi says:

    @Satyam: Tekken 5, Tekken 6 are not yet available for emulators in ROMs. These are not free. Sorry.

  56. Satyam says:

    Hi hiroshi how r u?
    U r really doing a great job.
    I have download many game from ur site. Thanks yaar.
    Can u pls upload tekken 5,6 or tekken tag.
    Thanks yaar.
    Chal bye yaar.

  57. Sachin says:

    Hi hiroshi
    can u pls upload the game bubble bobble the game is just like the snow bros & scrabble the enlish crossword game
    Pls upload
    I am great fan of ur site. I have download many game from ur site.

  58. Ahsan says:

    plz upload knight of valour…. plz plz plz

  59. McFerry says:

    Hello, can anyone tell me where would I find these 2 games: SPLATTERHOUSE 1 and KUNG-FU MASTER? Thank you!

  60. Umair says:

    Can u plz add fifa 98 or 99?

  61. nikolas says:

    could you upload feeding frenzy HIroshi?

  62. sheikh says:

    can you plz add fifa 98

  63. nikolas says:

    hiroshi help me :( i downloaded spiderman 3d game but when i play it it starts flapping,I think there is some error in screen settings and i cant fix that plzz help me Hiroshi :(

  64. Hiroshi says:

    @Ali: Okay, its Vigilante. I am uploading the game tonight. Thanks Ali.

  65. Ali says:

    Hiroshi Bhai i found myslef the name of the game and it is VIGILANTE.
    Pls find it for me . it is old game . i m pasting u youtube link. u can watch here
    then pls search this game


  66. Ali says:

    salam Hiroshi bhai. this is not that game , us game main larka admion ko martay martay stage k end per aik aisay admi ko marta hai jis ki safaid dari (beared) hoti hai. kafi der us ko marnay k bad us se next stage per jata hai. it was hard and tough game to play

  67. Hiroshi says:

    @Ali: Is that game “The Legend of Kage”?

    Can u describe something more about the game. Some more hints?

  68. hollywood hogan says:

    i think that game is The Legend of Kage

  69. Hiroshi says:

    @Ali: I am searching that game and I also do not remember the name.

    TechMynd Users, Please help us find the game in which a guy uses nunchaku to defeat enemies. It is side scrolling classic game.

  70. hollywood hogan says:

    hiroshi can you please include the game wrestlefest brother… thanks

  71. Ali says:

    Hiroshi Bhai salam
    sir u r great man , working great . sir i want to ask k aik old game thi jis main aik
    larka naan chaku use kerta hai aur usi se dushman ko marta jata hai. us game
    ka naam yad nahi, pls wo game bhi bata dain aur us ko bhi upload ker dain, thanks

  72. WAQAS says:

    hmmm good site for games … i like it i was looking for hercules …… but i found it here……. :)

  73. santosryt says:

    these games are really waste to play. nfs2 is worst.

  74. Hiroshi says:

    @Yasir: Looks like to me ‘sexy world’ after looking at the game but anyhow, here is the Dragon World game for you.

  75. Yasir says:



  76. MM Naveed says:

    plz plz plz upload more mickey mouse games. I love TechMynd and am a regular user. Thanks for brilliant collection. TechMynd is the best place ever for amazing games of all times. It feels like home when I visit this site because it contains all games of my childhood. XOXO

  77. Puni says:

    Dear Hiroshi,

    Thank you for getting the Street Fighter game. Do you think it’s possible for you to add “Mickey and Donald World of Illusion”?

  78. ASIF MICHAEL says:

    I really really LOVE this web ….please keep updates

  79. Ali says:

    Hiroshi i have no words to say u thanks // Greattttttttttttttttttttt
    superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb site and ur work. i was searching for Hard head 2 since long and i find here only . i want to ask what is Emulator? i download some games from difrent sites but they didnt work they were in Kbss. there is one game required and it is Rush in attack or another name for it is Green Beret …. Pls reply .
    Ali from Pakistan

  80. Hiroshi says:

    @Adeel Buriro: Hercules is here. Its my favorite game too. Its really nice game. I love it. Thanks for reminding me of that good old game.

  81. Adeel Buriro says:

    Hello Hiroshi I liked the game Which u got 4 me(Snk Vs Chaos Plus)..Do u hv Hercules Game Of Play Station…

  82. Adeel Buriro says:

    Hello Hiroshi Thanks 4 the game SVC Chaos Plus.

  83. Adeel Buriro says:

    Hello Hiroshi u r a real super hero Do u get this game “Snk VS Capcom Chaos plus”.

  84. Hiroshi says:

    @Aditya: Press Alt+Enter to switch to full screen. Esc key for returning back or exiting the game.

  85. Aditya says:

    In dragon ball z 3the screen does not switch to full screen

  86. Hiroshi says:

    If you like you can visit TechMynd Forums, register with us and request software, games in an easy way. We have specific threads for that there.

    [update: Forum down]

  87. Hiroshi says:

    @rizwan: Yep I play NFS a lot. I am addicted to nfs Most Wanted game in this series.

  88. Hiroshi says:

    We see that users need a platform so that they can ask and receive what they want comfortably. This comment system is kind of linear. Its not flexible. We have created a forum which is in its early stages yet as we talk. If you like;
    You can request games there. We will be updating the forum and this site as well and give you proper feedback. There is separate forum for games requests and a separate forum for downloading those requested games.
    Request games here:
    [ update: forum is down – currently we have only – use contact page to request games. ]

  89. Hiroshi says:

    @TECHNY: O dear! You just need to ask. Here is Dragon Ball Game.
    Actually there are many versions of Dragon Ball. e.g.
    When you need any game. We need its exact name and screenshot, so that we can find exactly what you are looking for.

  90. rizwan says:

    nfs good game do you play this game

  91. TECHNY says:

    Hi, first of all thank you for the spiderman 3d. It is a very cool game. I’m a big fan of your website. I’m beggin you. Can please please please add a cool DRAGONBALL 3D game on your site. I’m asking you like a BROTHER man. And i also like how you treat your guests. Is my english good ? Because i’m a surinamer (SURINAME). My country is between GUYANA and FRANS-GUYANA. We speak Netherlands. Back to the game. I’m beggin you man. Please……. Maybe i won’t find the download link in your guest book if you add it. Because you got an awfull lot of guest. Please send it to my email addres if you got it and if you want. I’m counting on you, man. PRETTY PLEASE

  92. shofi says:

    hey! cool guy; do you have game super contra?

  93. Adeel Buriro says:

    Dear Hiroshi plz save the game named SNK vs CAPCOM chaos plus…..Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Hiroshi It is a great fighting game…

  94. techmynd lover says:

    I asked permission to post some games in the other forums

    big thanks Hiroshi

    you are a real Hero !

  95. puni says:

    Dear Hiroshi,
    Is it possible for you to add Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo?

  96. andy says:

    hi hiroshi when will the gaurdian heroe be on here matey thanks

  97. Ali Hassan says:

    I want to play call of duty game

  98. yasir says:

    hi thanks for newzealand story

  99. andy says:

    hi hiroshi please can you get robocop 2

  100. Hiroshi says:

    @sahil.katchi: RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is not free. You can download its demo from here:

  101. andy says:

    thanks again hiroshi for the games bro

  102. paddy says:

    this site should get more credit

  103. paddy says:

    hi could you please get outrunners and super chase hq please thanks this site is wicked cool selection of games

  104. paddy says:

    dea5r hiroshi ploease can you get outrunners or super chase hq thanks this is a great site

  105. andy says:

    dear hiroshi can you please get sunset riders game please

  106. andy says:

    hi hiroshi could you please get metamorphic force please

  107. andy says:

    well thanks hiroshi im a big fan of this site so i dont agree with wot them people are doing stealing i always tell people friends family about this site because its 1 of a kind and its a shame that some people out there want to spoil it for us thanks for everything you have been a real help thank you please keep the good work up and you will always have fans of this site no matter wot them stealers do

  108. Hiroshi says:

    @andy: Hello. Probably you were looking RSS and you clicked download link. I have done some changes with the website and I wanted to block content stealers in a way that my download links should work from only mt RSS and from my website. If any other third party gonna link to download links directly they would be redirected to that image banner. I think I have changed it the right way. I will recheck this again. Please do inform me if you encounter such problem again. Thanks.

  109. andy says:

    hi hiroshi have you changed your web sites name because i when on and all it shows was a techmynd banner please could you telll me wots going on thanks this site is awsome thanks for everything

  110. Hiroshi says:

    @Gokul: Sorry, ‘adventure island’ is protected by ESA.

  111. Gokul says:

    Dear hiroshi,
    can u pls get the game : adventure island

    if yes do it as early as possible, any way thnx for these games.

  112. sahil.katchi says:

    Hi Hiroshi,

    Can you please upload roller coaster tycoon 2?

  113. andy says:

    armored warriors metamorphic force aliens the arcade game by konami strider 2 the arcade game thanks hiroshi

  114. Yasir says:

    horoshi can you please upload the newzealand story game

  115. paddy says:

    dear hiroshi can you please get outruners arcade game please this is a good website thanks

  116. Hiroshi says:

    @andy: Yes sure. More games are coming. A bit wait now. May be two or three days. I am collecting games and will post these one by one. If you like any more games, prepare a list and tell me. Its better to tell me in list form rather then one by one so that I may collect these all and post these in one go. I have a queue already. And I can’t post ESA protected games. I hope gamers won’t mind and have a little bit patience. I am really happy that I have helped you all find these games.

  117. andy says:

    can you get anymore side scrolling shooters please hiroshi thanks for all the games you have got for me thank you

  118. andy says:

    thank for the games hiroshi thanks again

  119. andy says:

    hiroshi please could you get arabian fight its cool thanks bro

  120. andy says:

    hiroshi could try and get battletoads coin op please thanks

  121. Hiroshi says:

    @Ijaz ur Rehman: Emulators are here:
    25+ Games Emulators
    Games Emulators for Linux and MAC
    Mame and MamePlus Emulators for Games

  122. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Dear Hiroshi,
    First of all I am thankful to you that you help me all the time.
    I need now letest version of emulatores like Neo geo all sega’s NDS and atari’s and also send me these emulatores best Rom site’s with snapshot

  123. andy says:

    thanks again hiroshi sengoku 3 have you got that thanks for the other games any way hope you had a good weekend

  124. Hiroshi says:

    For Neo Geo games requests, Please proceed here and comment there:

    Notice: I can try to find games which are available and not protected by ESA. If I am not able to find any game you ask, I apologize in advance. Also If any Author / Owner requests to remove his game / software, I am bound to remove it from TechMynd. I hope users will consider it.

  125. Hiroshi says:

    @andy: These are for you buddy. I am happy you like what I like and share. No need to say thanks. Enjoy.

  126. andy says:

    please could you get captain america and the avengrs coin op thanks

  127. andy says:

    blade master please thank you for the other games

  128. andy says:

    zed blades a cool game great music

  129. andy says:

    thanks once again hiroshi for the games your the best thanks bro

  130. andy says:

    dear hiroshi please could you get robo army mutation nation thanks alot this site the best thanks for everything your the king off games bro thanks

  131. andy says:

    thanks for the games hiroshi

  132. andy says:

    thanks for the games hiroshi thank you

  133. Hiroshi says:

    Okay guys, please don’t submit a request twice. I have a queue to process. I have all games listed and I am on these. be patient. I am going to post all. Thanks for your support and liking these games. And please purchase original CD/ DVD of these games.

  134. andy says:

    dear hiroshi please could you get the coin op version of alien storm thanks

  135. Andy says:

    dear hiroshi please email me if you can get vendetta and bucky o hare thanks for all the other games that you have got

  136. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Dear Hiroshi,
    Please send me letest update version of Google Earth.

  137. rajwara says:

    Coolest games ever. Thanks a lot. Keep this amazing site alive.

  138. andy says:

    dear hiroshi thanks for the xmen please could you upload vendetta thanks

  139. andy says:

    thanks for the xmen game hiroshi thanks for getting me it

  140. andy says:

    dear hiroshi please could you get vendetta bro thanks any side scrolling beat em up thanks

  141. Hiroshi says:

    @andy: Press F5 button to refresh the emulator. This will solve the problem.

  142. Yasir says:


    Thanks for uploading Flash Gal………………………….. Can you upload dragon world and the newzealand story…………….???

  143. andy says:

    dear hiroshi ive downloaded xmen run mame but it doesnt show xmen at all please could you help thank you

  144. Yasir says:

    PLz hiroshi upload FlashGal Game?

  145. Yasir says:

    hi Hiroshi

    Can you please upload FlashGal game?

  146. andy says:

    dear hiroshi please could you get vendetta aka crime fighters thanks 4 all the other games thanks you

  147. Hiroshi says:

    @[email protected]: Yep these games will work for Win7 for sure. Windows Vista has got some problem with some games e.g. nfsII. I am sure these will work for all versions of Windows.

  148. andy says:

    dear hiroshi please coulod you get spiderman the arcade game the 1 where you can pick either blackcat hawkeye submariner well thanks all the other gamews them childhood memories keep flooding back thanks

  149. andy says:

    hi could you please try to get me spiderman the arcade game my son loves spiderman lol so do i thank 4 all the games this site is exelente

  150. Dear Hiroshi , Bro.
    I cant express in word that how much i liked ur website.
    Ur a great man..!!!
    I have a question ..? Can those classic game played in vista or win7.
    Please reply me as soon as possible .
    Thanx for every thing..

  151. andy says:

    thanks 4 the games keep em comeing thank you

  152. andy says:

    thanks for night slashers hope you can get spiderman and the xmen arcade games thanks alot for the ones you have already given us many thanks andy

  153. andy says:

    night slashers x is a cool game if you can get please tahnks for aliens vs predator cool game

  154. Abu Sufyan says:

    Dear Hiroshi,
    Please send me nero 9 softwear.

  155. Hiroshi says:

    @djrush: More games are coming this weekend and next week as well.

  156. Hiroshi says:

    @DJRUSH: Okay, more games are coming. Thanks guyz for liking TechMynd resources and games. I always check games and play myself before uploading.

  157. ANDY says:

    dear hiroshi please can you get spidermn the arcade game thanks this site is very helpful i shall tell all my friends about this site please could you email me if you can get them game thank you

  158. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Dear Hiroshi,
    I want to play IGI 5.

  159. DJRUSH says:

    please email me any new games you get thank you

  160. DJRUSH says:

    more winkawaks games please atleast your games work thanks

  161. DJRUSH says:

    hi please could you get more side scrolling beat em ups they dont make em like they use to thanks

  162. djrush says:

    please could you get some more side scrolling beat em ups thanks

  163. djrush says:

    please could you get aliens the old konami game and the xmen thanks for these ace games please let me know when if you can get them for me thank you

  164. lucky says:

    hi bro still no news of CVSS2?


  165. Avdhesh Aggarwal says:

    Thank you Guys, for this amazing collection of our childhood memories……

    Thank you

  166. andy says:

    could you please get night slashers it is a very cool game thanks

  167. djrushin says:

    please could you get night slashers and alien vs predator cool games thanks for the 1 ive got gr8 site mate thanks

  168. djrushin says:

    @Hiroshi: so how can i use a conroller instead of the keyboard mate please could you tell me thanks i downloaded all the side scroller beat em ups frm this site its ace please let me know thank you how i can use a controller

  169. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Dear Hassan,
    I am sorry that I see your massage very late. The password of this game is (
    (If this is not your answer, I apologize for this massage)

  170. Kareem says:

    I really liked your blog! Excellent read. keep up the good work.

  171. hassan says:

    @Ijaz ur Rehman:
    what is this games passwerds

  172. lucky says:

    Dear Hiroshi,

    i hope i m not bothering you by asking u for CVSS2 for many times, i just cant wait to play this game bro ever since they removed this game from the ARCADE game centers here in HONG KONG, and since i m foreigner living here in HK it hard for communicate with chinese ppls around and ask them where else i can find this game in Arcade’s but it seems they have remove this game from all the other game centers too :(:(

    so i hope u can get this game for me as soon so then i can start playing with my Fav Akuma, Sagat, and Jeo.

    with best regards
    very sincerely yours


  173. Hiroshi says:

    @Ijaz ur Rehman: :D Okay! This is not a secret. I am a web junkie. I have played a lot of games. I love old classic games. I have passion for this stuff. I love this. I know how and where to find these. I can sit hours and hours finding what people ask me like this. I feel pleasure when I give something what somebody asks for. And I feel sad when I am unable to give people what they are looking for. Just Google for ROM games and you will find much stuff. I have my own database of games what I have been playing. Yet I have pleasure to share some of my games. I have many. Its just I have not much time to post these all. I am trying…baby steps. I try hard to find and give what people ask me here. I feel happiness when people feel overjoyed finding what they had in their childhood. I search a lot and download everything…Google, Wikipedia, YouTube have got every answer. These have helped me a lot.

  174. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Dear Hiroshi,
    Please tell me were you collect games that you send me

  175. Hiroshi says:

    @Lucky: Not yet buddy! As soon as I will get it, it will be here. You know some games are protected for free distribution.

  176. lucky says:

    Dear Bro, still u haven’t get your hands on CVSS2??

    Best regards

  177. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Dear Hiroshi,
    Thanks Thanks Thanks for sending me games. Please send me one more game Chuuka Taisen by Taito corporation Japan.

  178. Lucky says:

    Dear Hiroshi,

    thx bro i m waiting and hope tht u will get it as soon.


  179. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Dear Hiroshi,
    Please send me these games Double Dragon 2 the Revenge and Double Dragon 3 the rosetta stone by Technos Japan and Ghosts’ n Goblin by capcom

  180. Hiroshi says:

    @Lucky: I have not found Capcom vs. SNK 2 yet. Its in my queue and as soon as I will find it, it will be here for you. Thanks for your patience.

  181. lucky says:

    Dear Hiroshi, thx for your efforts, i hope to play this game soon ;)

    Best regards

  182. Hiroshi says:

    @Lucky: I am unable to get my hands on CVS2 yet but I am sure I will get it soon.
    @Ijaz ur Rehman: SonSon –
    Ultra Balloon –

  183. Lucky says:

    Dear Hiroshi, i hope the information i provided to you about the game will help.

    waiting for my game and play with my fav Akuma ;)

    once again thx, best regards


  184. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Dear Hiroshi,
    Please send me games Super ranger and Ultra Balloon by suna company and Son Son by Capcom

  185. Lucky says:

    Dear Hiroshi, the full name of the game is Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium i m attaching the link for your reference, cant wait tlo play with my Fav AKUMA.

    you tube link is here :

    screen shots :

    Best regards

  186. Hiroshi says:

    @lucky: I am finding difficulty finding that game. Could you please show me some screenshots or videos from youtube related to the game.

  187. lucky says:

    Hi Dear Hiroshi, i m still waiting for my be-loved game SNK VS CAPCOM 2 MILLENNIUM….

    Best regards

  188. Lucky says:

    thx thx bro, Best regards- Lucky

  189. Hiroshi says:

    @Lucky: Capcom vs. SNK2 In process…

  190. Lucky says:

    Dear Hiroshi, i have this request to make can u please find this game for me Capcom vs. SNK 2 please.

    with best regards

  191. Hiroshi says:

    @Ijaz ur Rehman: Okay! Here are Air Wolf and Hard Head 2.
    Air Wolf / Sky Wolf
    Hard Head 2
    More Games?

  192. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Dear, sir: please send me Airwolf (Kyugo) and Hard Head 2 (suna) games. Thanks.

  193. Hiroshi says:

    @Ijaz ur Rehman: Okay! AirWolf is coming up. You have to specify the name of second game with chicken, dear.

  194. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Thanks man I say again you are great man. You ask me more games yes
    Airwolf (Kyugo Company) and a game I forget this game name. Player sit on piece of cloud bowls are flying around him and end of first stage he face a big Chicken. please send me these two games. Thanks

  195. Lucky says:

    Dear Hiroshi, Yeah dear this is the 2nd thing i do after my work, after work straight to home and play ;).

    thx for the games bro.

    With best regards

  196. Lucky says:

    Dear Hiroshi, thank you again waiting for these games ;)

    Best regards

  197. Hiroshi says:

    @Ijaz ur Rehman: @lucky: Simpsons, Super Pang and World Heros are coming up.

  198. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Dear, Hiroshi Please send me Super pang (World) game. Thanks

  199. lucky says:

    thx to you dear Hiroshi, i have 2 more request’s to make :)

    1. the simpsons

    2. world hero’s

    wanna play these 2 games ;)

    and once again i m so great full, thx for finding me these wonderful games.

    With best regards

  200. Lucky says:

    and also the The Simpsons :)

  201. Lucky says:

    sure dear Hiroshi, what about World Heros? tht is also a nice game :) please post tht game :)

    with best regards

  202. Hiroshi says:

    @Lucky: Thanks for recommending me them and help me find these wonderful games. Please do let me know if you want other classic games.

  203. Lucky says:

    Dear Hiroshi, i m so happy and greatful thx for finding me these games :)

    Best regards

  204. Hiroshi says:


    Download Toki:

    Download Hammerin’ Harry:

    Cheers! Thanks for recommending Hammerin’ Harry.

  205. Lucky says:

    Dear Hiroshi, i m so happy i have found the other game name also its called (Toki, known in Japan as JuJu Densetsu) Toki is english version. hope to have these wondeful games can’t wait to play them ;)

    Best regards

  206. Lucky says:

    Dear Hiroshi, i found the name of one of the game i requested earlier the guy whos hummering and stuff the game name is (Hammerin’ Harry) now i m trying to find the other one the monkey one ;)

    Best regards

  207. Lucky says:

    dear Hiroshi, please find the screen shots in this link :

    best regards Lucky

  208. Hiroshi says:

    @lucky: Can you provide the screenshot of Eswat arcade game? I am trying to find those and as soon as I find these you will get these here.

  209. lucky says:

    dear Hiroshi, thx for the ESWAT but can u please find the Arcade version which is more better please.

    best regards Lucky

  210. lucky says:

    i think its not Donkey Kong, the story is like this monkey is a human but tht devil make him monkey by black magic and took is his gf, i google it but still cant find the pic’s or the name for both the games. :(

    and i really appreciate your help bro:) thx again.

    and please do look for these 2 games wanna play them very much :):)

  211. Hiroshi says:

    @Lucky: The monkey game: Was it the ‘Donkey Kong’? Google images of Donkey Kong and do let me know please!

  212. Hiroshi says:

    @Lucky: Although I remember that monkey game. I have its videos and screens in my mind but do not remember the name yet.

  213. Hiroshi says:

    @Lucky: Alright, now it will take a bit time to find out these two games.
    1- Monkey who fires the round balls from his mouth and fights for his GF to get her back from the devil.
    2- A character is holding the Hammer who always says “lets get busy” before starting the mission and when he eats the red chili then he can hammer so fast.
    Please do let us know if anybody else knows the names of the above games.

  214. Lucky says:

    thank you so so much Hiroshi, i wanna know if u know the names if these 2 games one is like the character is monkey and he fire the round balls from his mouth and fight for his GF to get her back from the devil, and another game is like a character is holding the Hammer and always says “lets get busy” before start the misson and when he eats the red chile the he can hammer so fast, plz post this 2 games unfortunatly i forgot the names but i hope u know it :)

    and once again thx for the ESWAT :)

  215. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    Respected Hiroshi
    please give me one game only one game Rough Ranger (suna company)
    this is my request to you please.

  216. Lucky says:

    does any one knows if i can find the game called ESWAT ??

  217. Ijaz ur Rehman says:

    New games are best games. i proud on you . please add more game like Rough Ranger and super Pang (world) Thanks

  218. Hiroshi says:

    @Ijaz ur rehman: Hard Head game and more are coming soon, in couple of days.

  219. Ijaz ur rehman says:

    Please please please please add hard head game in your page for free downloading

  220. alliyan Kabeer says:

    You Are Rocking
    MAN i love that games

  221. Ijaz ur rehman says:

    please add hard head game (SunA company) in your page for free downloading

  222. Boyet says:

    This is a great site, sharing lots of old games, makes me reminisce of my younger gaming days.
    Hoping for more old school games. How bout “Dymanite Duke”?

    Thanks & keep up the good work.

  223. Mian Sohail says:

    Aslam O Alikum
    This is a best site for any think downloading
    and i thanks

  224. Nasim Saba Shommo says:

    Thank You Very Much For The Games.

  225. ShaneO says:

    Great taste in Gaming….
    But i am unable to get the cheats…for king of Fighter
    and how to do the MAX Powers…

  226. Hiroshi says:

    @shani: O my dear! That’s more than a compliment. You seem to be very happy at something.

  227. shani says:

    boombastic web site its amazing yarrrrrrrrrrrrr ye web site un logon k liay bohat hiiiiiiiii amiazing hai jo gamesssss bohat shok se khaltay hain ma un ko aprishade kerta hoon jin logon nay ya site banai hai gooooooooodddddd & best of luckkkkkkkkkkk or god blessssssssss uuuuuuuuuu my dearrrrrrrr………..

  228. salman ahmad says:

    so nice and excellent website. all games are all time hit.

    i so impress
    keep update it .

  229. Waqar says:

    hmm good web site

  230. Hiroshi says:

    @tariq: Yep these games can be played also with joystick. You just plug joystick in the USB post and open game. All you have to do is to select joystick from configuration or options and configure keys. By default these will be set to keyboard. This can be changed. Every gaming program comes with configurations and options for that. I have also included screenshots in games here about how to configure keys. Hope it helps.

  231. tariq says:

    i am looking for games played using joystick
    can u help me?

  232. ayyman says:

    i want to free download race 07

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