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by on August 20th, 2010

Alright, all the gamers, please read this. We have been posting many of your favorite games here at TechMynd. We have something to share regarding games at TechMynd. We have learned that guests still encounter some problems related to games at TechMynd. We will answer few most asked questions and confusions related to games at TechMynd. Basically we follow some rules and pattern when it comes to games.

  • We only post games which are freeware and old, classic, retro, coin operated etc.
  • We have not created any of these games and don’t own rights to these games.
  • We are publisher and only provide information and hosting for software and games.
  • Games are available in the form of locked archives. RAR or ZIP file which are password protected.
  • Always and always the password for these locked files at TechMynd will be
  • If you download any game from TechMynd, extrat contents from it using password
  • All games run. We know it because we actually play these games and make sure these are in working state and then upload.
  • Most of the games here are a result of requests by guests
  • If we receive a request about game, we try to get the game. After when we are able to get it, we approve your request (comment) and also email you about it. So if you did not get response from us, it means we are still looking for the game and have not found it or it is protected and can not be shared as a freeware.
  • These games here use emulators. We use some easy to use emulators for games. e.g. Mame, MamePlus, WinKawaks, NeoGeo, GBA, FBA, Zinc and similar. These emulators have different ways to use.
  • We aim to provide only free games which usually run under emulators. We did not create emulators. Emulators are software which runs the games.
  • We post procedure (how to play game) with every game so that before download you know whats inside and how you to operate it. So make sure you read instruction before downloading game file.
  • We can not upload games protected by ESA or other 3D games which should be bought and are not free. We are bound to abide by international copyright laws and can not provide you pirated games, so please do not ask for pirated or cracked versions of games or cracked games.
  • One aim is to save these old games from being unavailable and we want to protect these old classic games for you all and make them available for you. If these will not be available in playable form then these will be extinguished from the web.
  • Sometimes we have to remove the game if the author claims the game and requests for its removal from TechMynd.
  • You can request your favorite games as well. These all games here had been requested by TechMynd users. If you liked any game from the past then use contact page to request it or comment at TechMynd anywhere.

Game files are locked. These are RAR or ZIP archives. You can extract the contents of these locked files using WinRAR, WinZip, RARKnife (free) or 7Zip (free). Compression programs.

We will update this page about usage of emulators.

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  1. ithe unien says:

    Thanks for the Gamers Guide that really help support the Gamers or Users for How to get and use the games that uploaded by

  2. leo says:

    i like kof 94,95,96,97,98,99,200,2001,2002,2003 i have all the game thank you
    for adding these kind of game.