Samsung Galaxy S4 – Grand Photo Ad – Erase Unwanted Guests from Photo

by on May 24th, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 ad

Samsung Galaxy S4 launched an ad featuring ‘eraser shot’ on Galaxy S4 that helps you to take always a perfect shot. If you had a moment where you were taking a photo that mattered to you a lot but someone came in between your mobile camera and the object, then if you use Galaxy S4 you can erase the unwanted guest from that photo easily.

Erase Unwanted Guests from Photo – Samsung Galaxy S4 AD

Few say that HTC one are the ones who first came up with this kind of features in mobile camera and Nokia Lumia 920 could also do this. For the iPhone, I believe that you can get that same function in an app from the Apple App Store. Few such apps might even be free that could do something like this.

So it might not be Samsung Galaxy S4 specific feature for photo manipulation but it can also be found in other smart phone through different apps.