The Future of Mobile Communication

by on December 20th, 2011

SIMYO and Ahead of Time predict the future of mobile media and communication. You can only create what you can imagine. Everyone has access to the information through their mobile device and can contribute to the community. Mobile has turned the world into a global information hub and has opened radical business opportunities. The video below shows timeline of mobile media evolution and important events in mobile history from 1906 to 2020.

1906: First US patent for wireless phone was registered.
1973: First mobile phone call was placed in New york city.
1979: First commercial mobile phone was presented in Tokyo.
1982: Nokia introduced its first portable mobile phone.
1991: The first GSM network opened in Finland.
1998: The first mobile content (ring tone) was sold.
1999: The blackberry started the era of mobile email.
2001: Third generation of mobile phone was launched in Japan.
2007: 3000000000 (3 billion) mobile phone subscribers.
2007: iPhone started the touch screen mobile device era.
2008: 1000000000 (1 billion) people had access to the internet via mobile phones.
2009: Facebook welcomes its 2000000000 (2 billion) users via mobile phones and Twitter had 4000000000 (4 billion) subscribers using mobile phones.
2011: Built-in sensors like GPS, humidity, temperature, light or compass chips created new mobile Eco system.
2013: The year of mobile broadband.
2015: Mobile payments will become a mass phenomenon. It has already been started.
2016: E-newspapers (Plastic e-reader papers) will be available as cheap as $1.
2017: Climax of mobile economy boom.
2018: The mobile communication from each person will be tracked, analyzed and saved.