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by on February 18th, 2008

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If you are a computer geek then chances are higher that you type with the lightening speed and without looking at Keyboard thing. But if not, then buddy, you are doomed. The fact is that, you could perform more and finish more tasks if you would be a good typist. Following are some free typing tutor software which you can download and use to increase your fingers speed over keyboard and do some magic.

If your typing speed is good then probably you can work from home mailing and typing and earn money typing or probably make money typing online. There are many typing test websites, typing lessons websites and computer typing classes online but you have to use internet to do that.

A good typing speed enables you to do stuff quickly using your computer. You can spend less time at PC if you have good typing skills. Let me share some free typing tutor which has also cool typing games that will make typing lessons fun.

Use these free typing software and learn to type. Enjoy free typing games, typing speed test and learn typing quickly.

Type Faster Typing Tutor

A typing tutor that teaches you to touch type. It supports French, German, Portuguese, US-Dvorak, US-English, Hebrew, Numeric-keypad and more. Typefaster accessible is for blind users. Full Spanish version also. Includes a 3d game. Teacher class support.

Intended Audience : Education
License : GNU General Public License (GPL)
Operating System : 32-bit MS Windows (95/98), All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP), All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes), Linux
Project UNIX name : typefaster

Type Faster Typing Tutor Features

  • Supports multiple keyboard layouts and more can be added easily (see the developers section). Includes support for non-rectangular keys.
    The following keyboard layouts are currently supported: Danish, Finnish, French, French-Belgian, German, Hebrew (no lesson files), Italian, Norwegian, Numeric Keypad, Portuguese, Spanish, UK-English, US-Dvorak, US-English.
  • A clear indication of which fingers to use. This is the essence of touchtyping.
  • A 3D typing game.
  • Typing statistics and the option of practising the least accurate/slowest/custom keys.
  • Keyboard is not a fixed size (resolution independent).
  • Multi-user support.
  • Teacher support (view student statistics).
  • Interface for editing lesson files and game settings.
  • Backspace support
  • Right to left text support.
  • Variable text size.
  • Lesson files can be prose or poems.
  • Lesson progress indicator.
  • Completely free with full source code availability.


Type Faster Typing Tutor Download

Link I
Link II

Tux Typing 2

Tux Typing” is an educational typing tutor for children. It features several different types of gameplay, at a variety of difficulty levels. Tuxtyping 2 is almost a complete rewrite! It has something for everyone no matter who or where you are! If you’re a gamer it even comes with two built in easter eggs! A large amount of time was spent with four goals in mind, make the game code clean, make it easy to translate, make it more fun to play and make it a better tool for those who have the more serious side of typing in mind. Tuxtyping 2 runs better and more consistently on a larger range of machines. Your kids will play for more than minutes now and learning all the time! Tuxtyping has lots of new toys to play with for them! (But don’t let me catch you playing after the kids go to bed!) New game! Comet Zap! Tux is challenged with the task of protecting 9 cities! More challenging game play in all the games! Based on Tux of Math Command another Tux4Kids game.


Tux Typing 2 Download

Download Tux typing 2

Analytical Eye Typing Tutor

Typing tutor came about as a result of my school’s network moving from RM Net LM to RM connect, and subsequently the old typing tutor which was written in BBC basic which ran emulated on the Net LM network no longer functioned. The original concept and implementation for the program was undertaken in about 3 evenings, however this version has had a considerable number of bug fixes included. Typing Tutor can be used on a Standalone PC, and other Networking environments (however no support for the product can be guaranteed).

License Type: Free
Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows 9.x
File Size: 1501KB


Analytical Eye Typing Tutor Download

Download Typing Tutor 1.6

Max Type Lite

MaxType LITE Typing Tutor is a free multifunctinal typing tester for Windows. This program allows you not only to test and practice your typing skills with any *.txt file, but to print out your test diplomas (statistical data will give you the information about 20 (!) parameters of your typing) and even replay the mtr-record file of your own typing. Built-in Extreme Typing mode allows you to compete in speed of typing against any mtr-record file from your collection

Size: 1.8 Mb


Max Type Lite Typing Tutor Download

Download Max Type Lite Typing Tutor

Kid’s Typing Skills

Kid’s Typing Skills helps you master a skill needed in today’s computer oriented world and the best part – it’s free! Kid’s Typing Skills will help you learn keyboarding, or typing (as it was called when typewriters were the major method of putting words on paper). You can learn about the keyboard and which finger presses which key. Practice with keyboard drills, character drills, and word drills. Take timed tests to determine and improve your typing speed.

Size: 2.3 Mb


Download Kid’s Typing Skills Typing Tutor


Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard

Shows errors percentage and speed also.
Size: 565 Kb


Download Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard


Rapid Typing Typing Tutor

This free touch typing tutor help you learn quick and blind keyboard printing. Program benefits: – Game plot. Training takes place in virtual picturesque underwater world. Variety of underwater fauna will make fun of your training. The more you improve your printing level the more nice underwater creatures will come to light; – Training statistics shown both in tables and diagrams. Statistics reflects printing speed, mistakes quantity; – Keyboard emulator will help you learn blind printing quickly. Keys and finger workplace’s are lighted; – Uses the simple and colorful interface. Colorful skins library is supported; – You may create your own exercises; – Free lessons choice; – Multiple users with their personal settings are supported; – Main lessons is in all languages;

Licence: Freeware
OS: WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate
Filesize: 923 kB
Language: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian
Install Support: Install and Uninstall
Requirements: 64M RAM, CPU-333MHz, 8M HDD


Download Rapid Typing Typing Tutor

Download rapid Typing Tutor 1.4

Urdu Typing Tutor

Urdu Typing Tutor to help learn typing in Urdu language. This is the first ever typing tutor developed for Urdu language.

Urdu Typing Tutor Download

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Link II

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