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by on July 7th, 2010

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Download your favorite music, videos and movies free of charge and in the right file format any time. No need to download additional different software to download stuff from each streaming network. Here is all in one solution for you. You can download your favorite music, video, burn it to DVD/CD, Manage and organize your video/audio library, create ring tones from downloaded files, copy music and video to your favorite portable device (iPad, iPod, iPhone, mobile, mp3 player etc.). Conversion support includes many popular file formats e.g. mp3, wmv, mp4, AVI, 3GP, XVid, WMA, Ogg…

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Free Entertainment – Find, Record, Convert, Transfer Easily

This is a beautiful software. Full screen is really full screen and I like its shinny colors. So many options for free entertainment. I just downloaded some of my favorite trance music tracks. Find and record individual songs and videos quickly. With the wishlist, you can target your free entertainment from video portals and social radio stations. Mediaraptor’s web recorder ensures that videos you have watched online find their way to your hard drive automatically and, of course, always in the right file format. With the media manager, you can sort your media collection, have your files completed with ID3 tags, album artwork and lyrics, burn files to CD or DVD and/or transfer your files to your portable playback device. What else could you want?

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Download from Multiple Streaming Networks

You can download video, music, tv shows and movies from multiple streaming networks including clipfish, esnips, garageband, myvideo, veoh, vimeo, yahoo music, youtube (included by default) and you can add as many other streaming networks as you like to download from.

Select and artist or song from the more than 70,000 artists and create a list with up to 100 entries. Mediaraptor takes care of the rest, quickly, automatically and free of charge! Every time you watch a video or listen to a song on a website, Mediaraptor records it for you. Mediaraptor can record files from web without even playing them first. Mediaraptor is the universal web recorder, because every video & film from websites you’ve visited are recorded automatically and converted into every desired file format. With Mediaraptor, you can get a huge & diverse media collection in no time at all.

Mediaraptor always provides you with your media in the right format and the highest possible quality for your PC, cell phone, smartphone, PSP, PS3, Xbox, Apple iPod, Apple iPhone and many other multimedia devices.

Mediaraptor isn’t illegal peer-2-peer (P2P) software and it’s not a file sharing platform. Mediaraptor is the modern solution to get all the free music from social radio stations your hard drive can handle. Social radio stations are websites that allow you to customize radio programming. Mediaraptor can control social radio stations and video portals undetected from afar, list what music and music videos these site play, make these sites play the music you want and then record it automatically. This revolutionary approach gives you an unlimited supply of music!

  • Simultaneous meta searches of numerous websites for targeted music and music videos
  • Directly supports all the important music video portals
  • Create MP3 files from music videos recorded on YouTube, etc.
  • Install 3rd party plug-ins to expand searches to access more sources
  • Classify the music you have found by bit-rate (MP3 music) and rating (music videos)
  • Simultaneously record as many found songs / music videos as desired
  • Wishlists: search for artists (everything by this artist) and specific songs
  • Use all the search sources to automatically complete wishlist requests
  • Fulfill music requests in a matter of seconds as MP3 files or music videos
  • Database with approx. 100,000 artists to add to your wishlist
  • Suggestions of matching artists to fill out your wishlists
  • User community with thousands of wishlists, which you can use with 1 mouse click
  • Automatically generate wishlists based on one of 80 genres
  • Create wishlists based on your existing music collection
  • Record all the MP3s, as well as other audio files, that can be played using your web browser
  • Records every social radio stations
  • List all the MP3 download links that appear in websites
  • Record all the videos that can be viewed with your browser at the network layer

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Download Media Raptor

Download Media Raptor

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