4 Android Apps to Spy on Smart Phones

by on January 28th, 2014

Smart phones spy applications have recently began to spread with the excessive use of smart phones. These apps have gained a great share of popularity. You can use smart phones spy applications for various purposes such as: Parents can keep an eye on their children, employers can track employee’s smart phone as well prevent fraud in their company, spouses can have a check on their partners, or simply you can keep a backup of your smart phone usage activity, messages and contacts.

These 4 applications for android are known to serve this purpose profoundly.

Call and SMS Tracker – Spy App

This is one of the best applications to spy on a mobile. If you have Android 4+ a “Data Widget” appears on mobile screen to start this app. If you have Android 2 then all you have to do is to dial 51 and press the call button to start the app.This will provide you with following information

  • Location of mobile
  • Text messages
  • Whatsapp messages
  • Contact list
  • Call history
How to Install
  • All you have to do is to install this app on a mobile you want to spy.
  • After that you will have to register through the app. The user will be provided with an account on http://spytomobile.com.All the intercepted information access in your account.
  • Once you make an account on app, there will be an option to delete the app. Now put an invisible “Data Widget” on home screen and delete the app.
  • Log in to your account and you will see the required information which get updated every 24 hours.
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Phone Call and SMS Tracker

By installing this app you can spy on SMS, incoming and outgoing call history on your desired mobile. Phone call and SMS tracker is easy to use and less complicated app to track text messages and calls.

How to Install
  • Tap the lets start icon.
  • In “Contact Tab” enter the mobile number on which you want to receive calls and texts data.
  • Save contacts and go to Setting tab.
  • Enable sending SMS and other information you want to receive.
  • Tap on “Hide Application from this phone.”
  • Close the app

The application will be invisible to mobile holder. If you want to re-open this app just dial #123. This app includes manual navigation, this feature makes it more user friendly.

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SMS Tracker Mobile Tracer

This is another smart phone surveillance tool. Mobile tracker is designed for low power consumption. This app provides following information:

  • SMS/MMS log
  • Gps log
  • Call log
  • Browser logs
  • System logs
  • Whatsapp logs
  • Calendar logs
  • Picture logs
  • New contacts logs
  • Skype logs
  • Viber logs

Though Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber and Skype logs require rooted mobile. Rest of the information does not need any rooting. Mobile tracker is among best spy applications available on android market.

How to Install
  • Install the application on phone you want to track.
  • Register an account on app.
  • Enter a name for your phone.
  • Login to http://phonestracker.info/ with the email and password you entered while making account.
  • After an hour you will be able to access all the information.
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Mobile Phone Spy

Mobile phone spy is another smart phone spy app. You can spy on someone else’s mobile to keep a track of their activities or on your own mobile to keep a backup of your data. With mobile phone spy you can spy on following:

  • Phone Location
  • Text Messages
  • Whatsapp Messages
  • Call History
  • Contact List
How to install
  • Install this app on a mobile you want to spy.
  • Essential components will be installed automatically. Once components are installed, initial program loader will be uninstalled.
  • Make an account by entering your email and password.
  • Now all the information will be sent to you via email.

This application does not include any icon and stays absolutely invisible. You can use mobile spy to monitor your staff or check on your spouse.

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What is your favorite Android phone spying app? Let us know in comments.