Forgot Lock Pattern of Android Device? Here is How to Factory Reset Locked Device

by on January 3rd, 2014

Remembering password based on digits is relatively easy because you can associate the digits pattern with something. You can use combination of digit patterns associated with multiple things such as your car numbers plus your mobile number plus your name plus any of your favorite digit – as your password for your mobile device. Next time you recall the things that you associated with the password and in most cases you are able to recall it. Lock pattern is another way that is used excessively to password protect devices in which you have to tap the device screen and move finger in a pattern to unlock device. Of course you have to set this pattern from security options. All the Android based devices offer this security option to use lock pattern to secure device from unauthorized access. Its quick way to unlock the device but in my opinion it can be forgotten easily.

Let say you have three or four smart devices and you use lock pattern for all these devices. If you use different lock pattern for all those devices, you will likely to forget lock pattern for one of these devices often. But anyway, if you forget lock pattern for Android device, here is how to factory reset and unlock the device.

CAUTION: Resetting smart phone to factory settings will remove all data from your phone including photos, videos, music, apps that are stored in the phone. However it will not affect the data stored in your SD card. External card data will be safe, while after factory reset the phone will be as like newly installed Android. If you are cautious about the data stored in phone, then do not use this method.

Factory Reset Android Device to Unlock it

  • Switch off Android device
  • Press volume up button and the power button (you can press volume down button in case volume up button does not work)
  • keep pressing until the logo appears
  • After logo appeared release only volume button
  • Keep on pressing the power button until device enters in the recovery mode
  • Select the wipe data/factory reset option
  • Once you have chosen the factory reset option, you will see a confirmation screen
  • Select Yes delete all user data option and touch the Home button to select it
  • Select the reboot option and your phone will reboot in normal mode