Force Delete Virus Process with Parent Virus File Deletion

by on June 7th, 2010

force virus process kill with virus deletion

Windows Task Manager is great and all that you will ever need to kill bad guys running with Windows, right? And I can joke very well. Allow me to recommend you another great portable application that can not only force kill hanged processes but also can force delete the parent file which is running that process. Say good bye to processes running by viruses that won’t get terminated normally.

Why Do you Need this

1 – Force kill hanged application.

2- Delete file associated with the process.

In case you have got a virus and you want to delete its running processes. These process being running won’t be terminated and will continue to running. You need to force kill those processes. You also might want to delete that virus that is associated with this process. Just check the process and check the box below which says ‘Allow Delete Parent File’. Done! Process and virus file behind it will be deleted.

3 – Force kill multiple application.

Developer’s Description

Ultimate Process Killer scans current Process in computer with parent file path. you can terminate process and delete the originating file. This tool will help to delete the virus process with Parent virus file which is running the process.

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Download Ultimate Process Killer

Download Ultimate Process Killer (44.4 KB)