Folder Changed into Recycle Bin and Hiding Files – Solution

by on February 1st, 2010

Someone asked about the following problem:

I read your article at: Disguise Any Folder to Recycle Bin. I have sort of a reverse problem. While right clicking on a folder to change the icon from default manila folder type, to a tree icon, I accidentally clicked on the recycle bin icon next to the tree icon, and it changed my 20 gig folder to a recycle bin and is hiding the files, while at the same time, it acts as a bin for recycled files. My files are there, because when I do right click/properties now, it starts spooling hundreds of megabytes, but the files can’t be seen or accessed. I can’t change the icon back, because right clicking and selecting properties on the recycle bin it created, does not give an option to change the icon, like a normal folder does. Any way to fix this?

Well the solution is really simple. You have to do two things.

Right Click at the folder
Click properties -> Customize Tab

Use the selection which says:
Use this folder type as a template
and select following option:
Documents (for any file type)

Click change icon
Select folder icon from from the list
Hit enter
Refresh folder view

Note: If you find folders icons windows empty there or you can’t find any icons to select from there then paste the following command in the place where it says: Look for icons in this file

The Command:


Finally these images will help you related to the problem and help you decide what to do.

In case of Windows XP

In case of Windows 7

Same procedure.

Same command:


In case of Windows Vista

My dear, in case of vista, God bless you. lol.

If nothing works, you can always do system restore to get back old settings for PC.

Go to run and Type: C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe
Hit enter and follow instructions.

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  1. avi says:

    i can’t recover my files from recycle bin turned folder
    actually i have turned a H drive folder images folder xyz to recycle bin
    now when i type in cmd
    ren xyz.{….} xyz
    the output is file can’t be found
    pls help me

  2. very cool and informative bro :-)

  3. rajwara says:

    Thanks, It worked.