Flickr Saves Spaceball Gif Instead of Photo – Solution

by on October 23rd, 2009

By default photos at Flickr, equal or less in width than 500 can not be saved directly to PC using right click save option. A default image spaceball.gif is saved every time when somebody tries to save the photo. If a photo is available in more resolution options then it will have a little zoom icon over it which points to its other resolution options so you can simply click at the that and view enlarged image and save it. Here is how you can save the Flickr Photo which gives you spaceball gif.

One option is to use ‘print screen’ or some ‘screen capture program’. Using print screen from keyboard will copy that image in clipboard and you can paste it in Microsoft Paint program and save it. If your keyboard lacks ‘print screen’ key, you can use On-Screen Keyboard. Type osk in run command and there you have it, A visual keyboard where this key will be as psc and you can click it using mouse.

What the Flickr does with the photos is, they place a spacerball blank transparent gif image over every photo which is equal to or smaller then 500 px. This restriction can be from the author side as well where he disables copying of photo directly. If you have got Firefox, you can install Firebug and inspect the photo container. You will see that the actual image is beneath a blank spacer transparent image. Using Firebug, you can copy the original image path and paste in browser which will give you image separately where you can copy or save that. For webmasters, who want to save their photos from stealing can use this technique at their website.