Flayvr Photo Gallery is a Great Pictures and Media Manager For Smart Phones

by on January 24th, 2014

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Flayvr Photo Gallery has been underscored as one of the paramount app of year 2013. Flayvr is the wonderful photo gallery alternative app. It does magic to your images and videos by storing them into exhilarating fun albums to keep and share with your friends. It allows you to preserve your precious moments which you never want to forget in an amazing and simple way.

There is an abundance of photo gallery apps, but Flayer has brought new sharing and timeline features to keep the seclusion of your images and videos or to share them with your friends. Flayvr is the easiest way to re call your loved most moments of life.

Here is how flayvr photo gallery works:

  • Flayvr timeline automatically displays your albums, sorted by location and time.
  • Flayvr identifies images and videos taken at the same events and make a fine-looking collage out of them.
  • Flayvr shares complete moments in a solo tap to Email, Google +, Facebook, Twiter, and SMS.

Flayvr provides you with:

  • Simple way to add images and videos to your albums and hide those from the view you do not like.
  • Hours Of Fun by recall all those images and videos from all your albums, you forgot about.
  • Intuition by select how you wish to view your pictures and videos.
  • Option to Share- You can share the entire event album privately or on any social network by a single click.
  • Unique Features – Let your videos play in the background while you watch the event pictures.

Flayer also contains some additional useful features:

  • Take pictures with any android camera and flayvr will allow you to view events instantly.
  • Watch full screen images in the built in images viewer.
  • View videos and pictures side by side, it is just the way you wished your photo gallery should look like.
  • Your albums are mechanically titled based on your calendar events.
  • It scans your complete gallery in a second and hence makes it very easy to use.

Flayvr does not store or copy your pictures and videos and keeps your privacy. The only albums which you specially have been chosen are uploaded. This app is available on both Android and iOS market.


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