Fix SkyDrive and Windows Live Font Problem

by on July 4th, 2010

skydrive windows live problem

Are you a Windows Live and SkyDrive user? Have you seen an issue with the bad looking fonts all over at these services? Look image above to see what I am talking about. We have got an answer to that. Here is the fix.

See some more images of actual problem.

skydrive windows live problem

skydrive windows live problem

Windows 7 might not face this issue with skydrive or windows live but older versions of windows might face this issue.

Okay! Microsoft used a weird font family for these services as below:

font-family:Droid,"BBAlpha Sans","Prelude Medium","S60 Sans",Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,"sans-serif";

The problem here is with the Droid. Droid font. Its a true type font. Remove that font from your PC and the problem will be fixed. There is no other solution to that problem.

First of all close internet explorer or Firefox pages.

The Font

droid font

Yep, this is that font.

How to Remove The Droid Font to fix SkyDrive and Windows Live

Now you can’t just bust in to the fonts folder and remove a true type font. Its not that easy. Try it.

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts
Type Droid or search droid or find droid there.
You will see the font exactly as in the image above.
Right click > delete (useless – won’t be deleted)
Place control over that font – single click and click File > Delete in the fonts folder menu
There are chances that it will still not be deleted.

Microsoft puts it this way:

To remove a font from the hard disk, follow these steps:

  • Click Start, and then click Run.
  • Type the following command, and then click OK:
  • Click the font that you want to remove. To select more than one font at a time, press and hold the CTRL key while you select each font.
  • On the File menu, click Delete.
  • When you receive the “Are you sure you want to delete these fonts?” prompt, click Yes.

But chances are it won’t be deleted.

Follow these steps.

In the fonts folder file menu.
Click Tools > Folder Options
Click ‘view’ tab
Scroll all the way down.
Uncheck ‘Use simple file sharing (recommended)’
We just enabled ‘security’ settings for folders and disk drives.

Now right click at the ‘Droid’ font > properties
Click ‘Security’ tab
Add > Advanced > Find Now
Check ‘Administrators’ > Ok > OK
Allow Full Control
In the security tab click ‘Advanced button’
In ‘Auditing’ tab add ‘administrators’ or your current user and give it full control.
In the ‘effective permissions’ similarly add administrators and current user and allow full control.
Click ok.
Now in fonts, select ‘Droid’ and in the file menu, File > Delete.
Font will be deleted

Now check the skydrive or windows live page. The problem will be fixed.

All we did is closed internet explorer pages. Deleted Droid True Type font from fonts folder and problem was fixed. In the middle we allowed all permissions for that font because that font was not getting deleted.

droid font

The above was that droid font which was causing problemo.

Okay, I know that you will cry about your font loss. So here it is. You can download ‘Droid’ again from link below… You Whiner!

Download Droid (10 KB)

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  1. Hiroshi says:

    @anon: Thanks Anon.

  2. anon says:

    In linux, just move any Droid* and/or droid* (I didn’t check for exactly which one it was…I’ve never used it before anyway) out of ~/.fonts and /usr/share/fonts. I just logged out/logged in for good measure. Worked for me on Opensuse 11.2 anyway.