Fix Auto Screen Rotation Problem While Playing Games

by on July 24th, 2010

fix screen rotation problem while playing games

Ever encountered a problem of auto screen rotation, while screen resolution adjustment during game play? Its a bit hard to explain it but it happens so that you run any game and the monitor adjusts the screen resolution for the game and everything goes rotated or upside down. It can happen when you exit game or hit ‘Window’ key at your keyboard accidentally causing the game to exit but the screen goes flipped with that. Here is the fix.

When your computer screen goes rotated then all the icons orientation at desktop goes weird, and well its irritating.

The fix is to disable ‘hot keys’ from your media accelerator software.

Graphics Options > Hot Keys > Disable

When you disable the hot keys, it won’t happen. Normally it happens with me while using Mame emulator to play any game. It happens sometimes, not all the time. MamePlus does not encounter such problem.