Firefox Freezes for a Moment After Every 10 Sec – Fix

by on August 24th, 2009


If you browse a lot using Firefox, then you might have noticed that sometimes it behaves jerkily. While you open tabs, there comes a state or time when it tends to hang/stuck for a while (like trying to decide something). Everything freezes for some moment and then comes to life again. Its weird but it almost feels like it.

A quick solution to this problem can be increasing its session store interval time. Firefox remembers everything and it tries to save session and data while you are browsing. Its default time is after every 10 seconds. After every ten seconds it sends a signal to freeze activity and saves the session and then proceeds. We can change the session saving time.

  • Open Firefox
  • Type about:config in address bar
  • Hit Enter
  • You will get a warning message, hit the button “I will be careful, I promise”
  • You will get a lot of entries which you can modify for changing settings of Firefox
  • In the filter bar type: browser.sessionstore.interval
  • Change this value. Its in milliseconds. Increase it to a bigger level.

That is the time interval after which Firefox saves session data. If it will be set to a higher level, you will be able to do whatever you are doing (browsing websites, watching youtube or any other browser related activity) will be smooth and without interruption.

The interval is specified in milliseconds. To reduce it, enter a smaller value, 5000 would mean that the active session is stored every 5 seconds instead of 10. If you want to increase the value, add 30000 for 30 seconds or 60000 for 60 seconds.

11 Reviews

  1. Ken says:

    Tried this fix and it worked a treat with fire fox / you tube was freezing / skipping on full screen mode, thanks so much!

  2. Laura Moser says:

    Soo…. I set it up to like 800,00. Too much? It does make web pages load much faster. And smoother. However i don’t have much of a crashing problem. I do on another laptop. So will Change settings on there. Anyways I need heling with the skipping and random stopping on youtube Other then that everything is fine. Thanks. And thank you for making my web pages run faster and smoother!

  3. Laura Moser says:

    Every time i play youtube and scroll It attens to skip and freeze. I fixed my skipping problems on itunes. That sstops now this scrolling and playing youtube skipping and freezing is a new issue for me. I run ccleaner. To clear up everything. No viruses. I don’t think its an adobe flash player issue. Fixing to try this out. i am using an old indows xp intel princeton ultra 97 desktop computer. Has a lot of memory and space. so Hope this works. *crossing fingers*

  4. Liza says:

    Thank you! You saved my husband’s sanity! X

  5. coakl says:

    I set mine to 1800000 milliseconds. That’s 30 minutes.
    I don’t really need it since the browser is already saves your session upon exit.
    I have an uninterruptible power supply so the computer doesn’t lose power.

    This setting is only useful if your browser suddenly locks up and crashes. That hasn’t happened in a long time…I have a HOST file blocking ads and Noscript blocking javascript from unapproved sites. I only have two extensions (extensions are the main cause of Firefox crashes).

  6. ensign says:

    Videos keep halting;choppy every other seconds. If I click pause,video keeps play for about 2 seconds. xp, sp3, firefox 11.2, flash 11.

    I tried downloading flash again.
    tried cleaning browser, and computer with ccleanrer.
    Erased all registry issues.
    Scanned for viruses.

  7. Kate Ryan says:

    How beautifully simple, thank you! I set mine at a whacky 99999, it works brilliantly now!

  8. djp says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!

  9. pizza the hut says:

    It works! Thank you!!

  10. jasony says:

    Gah! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Also works on Firefox for Mac. This has driven me CRAZY for months.

  11. lenny says:

    A thousand blessings upon you! On my suse linux system w/ firefox 3.6.13, browser use resulted in frequent cussing, as it would stop responding for about 4.5 seconds, every 10 seconds. That didn’t leave much time for non-cussing activities. Nothing else on the system would pause for 4 seconds while typing or scrolling. I finally found your post, was skeptical, but by golly that was the culprit. I can stand a freeze for 5 seconds if it only happens every couple of minutes!