Find Serial Number or Crack for Any Software

by on December 9th, 2009

Have you ever tried searching for serials or cracks of any software. You might have to browse thousands of websites with adult content to finally put your hands on right cracks. Those cracks might have some Spywares or Adwares which have potential danger to corrupt your PC. Its bizarre but still there are ways you can find softwares which will help you find keys, serial numbers or cracks for any software. Now that there are piracy laws are very strict but these softwares are all around the web. I am pointing towards such two softwares which will search for you any crack or serial for softwares and save you from going to or browsing thousands of illegal websites.

One software is ‘Craagle’ and the second one is ‘Crack Down’ or ‘Crack Downloader’. These are meta search engines that will search serials or cracks over about 15 popular cracks sites and find them for you. No adult contents or other things, you’ll get just what you search for.



***Content Deleted*** Because we do not promote illegal or pirated software.

Please purchase original software. Do not go for piracy.

5 Reviews

  1. Hiroshi says:

    @susanta: It is advised to not use it in this case. Adware is a software which shows advertisements.

  2. susanta says:

    U’ve told me its SAFE but my kaspersky internet security detect as a ADWARE so what shoulld do????

  3. ved says:

    thanks thats easy

  4. Hiroshi says:

    @susanta: O yea! Its safe. It needs an internet connection. Its safe but its not recommended. Because it involves piracy issue. Its against laws. This post is to notify authorities about what’s going on everywhere out there.

  5. susanta says:

    Is it safe or not? nd will it work in offline?