Find, Record, Download and Convert Music, Videos, Podcasts and Radio from Streaming Media

by on February 27th, 2011

Audials One is a Windows based software that finds, records, downloads and converts music, movies, videos, podcasts and radios. With Audials One, the
user gets all media for free and always in the right file format. The new version Audials 8 of Audials One offers an improved user interface and better features for enjoying music, videos, movies and podcasts. Just enter any music genre, any artist, any album or any title and Audials One finds your music in a flash. Whether by downloading it directly from an Internet site or by recording it from one of the Internet’s countless radio stations, Audials One knows exactly where to hunt down the music you’re looking for and is power-packed with the technology needed to get it, whatever the source.

Online Music Converter and Downloader

How many times have you wished you could record all the music you listen to on the Web and automatically save each song as a separate MP3 file with a name that makes sense? Audials does it, regardless of whether the music is coming from a streaming service like or from a music portal like Grooveshark. Audials records everything you hear on the Web—simply, reliably and automatically.

I listen Trance every time I work at my PC. Its hard to download that and more streaming radio. With Audials One 8 you can download streaming radios in high quality MP3 format easily. You can ‘record and cut’ songs or you can download streaming radio continuously. Now I listen streaming readio using Audials One 8 which also records my favorite music, downloads it and converts it into MP3 format. Audials One 8 has been a lot more improved for better search results and giving you optimal listening experience that you need. Its a free music downloader, free video downloader, free streaming radio downloader and more. Not just it lets you listen yours favorite music but you can also download and convert it into desirable format.

Video Recorder and Internet Movies Downloader

With Audials One, not a single film you’ve rented from an online video store will ever slip through your fingers again. It doesn’t matter if the film is streamed directly to your PC or made available for download with viewing restrictions. No matter what the source or the technology, Audials creates a copy of the film you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want – even on your mobile player – without restrictions. That makes it the best online video converter.

Universal Converter for Every File Format

The Audials One built-in universal converter supports every file format required by today’s PCs, mobile phones, iPods and other mobile devices. Enjoy your music, films and audio books everywhere – in the right format and in the highest quality.

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  1. fangzhou says:

    converting speed and excellent video quality. It is a video converter which converts almost all video formats

  2. amon says:

    Very good review.Thank you so much
    Looking forward to seeing a giveaway here.