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by on March 21st, 2009


Not all blogs post their number of subscribers. Pretty obvious the blog with high number of readers and subscribers will publish its subscribers count to let the world know. What if your friend has got a blog and he/she is boosting about the number of readers/subscribers the blog has got? Now there is a way to check the number of readers/subscribers any blog has got and FeedBurner (Now associated with Google) will tell you that.

This counter method is an experiment. The results are fetched from Feedburner. This service is completely free and not associated with feedburner or any other third party. This is an experimental tool to try and find the subscribers or readers for any blog. It fetches 100% exact result. You will need to give the feed name of the blog.

However we should keep in mind that if any blog has got less subscribers, that does not mean that it is not getting traffic or is not popular. It might be popular and getting huge traffic.

Subscriber Counter Tool

Please let me know your suggestions/ comments the subscriber counter.

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  1. gameboy says:

    I will check on my blog…..

  2. Aubi says:

    Very nice.