7 Best Locate Lost Phone Apps for Android

by on March 31st, 2011

Locate your lost phone easily using these free android apps. You can send SMS and lock lost phone remotely. Send SMS to locate phone. Start alaram even if the ringer volume is set to zero. On new SIM card detection, you can lock lost phone and send SMS to another number. You can find location of your lost phone using Google maps and more. Make use of these free apps and keep your phone safe all the time.

Lost Phone

lost phone android

  • Send SMS and lock your lost phone.
  • Send SMS and locate phone.
  • Send SMS and set ringer volume to max so you can call and find phone.
  • If a new SIM-card is detected, it locks the lost phone and sends SMS to your friends from the new number.

Download Lost Phone

Prey Phone Tracker


Track down your lost or stolen phone using prey phone tracker. Its completely open source, cross-platform anti-theft solution. Prey lets you keep track of all your devices easily on one place.

  • GPS + Wifi geo-location.
  • SIM change detection.
  • SMS or Cloud To Device activation (2.2+).
  • Lock phone/tablet for privacy (2.2+).
  • Uninstall protection (2.2+).
  • Loud alarm sound.
  • Alert messages to user.

Download Prey Phone Tracker

Spy and Track Free GPS Tracker

Track any movable object with you andorid device. Its a free SpyTrack software. SpyTrack is next-generation free software application that allows you to track your Android device using GPS and Internet in real-time free of charge and displays it’s location on web page online.

Spy Track has many applications like:

  • Fleet management
  • Trip and Journey saving
  • Drive dairy
  • Children security
  • Pets, animals monitoring
  • Kids protection
  • People tracking
  • Car surveillance
  • Employee monitoring
  • Internet tracking
  • Remote Employee monitoring

It’s absolutely free.


GPS Tracker

InstaMapper is a free GPS tracking service. Use it to:

  • track your phone online in real time
  • share your location with friends and family
  • record tracks and export them in a variety of formats
  • recover lost phones (app can be activated remotely with an SMS message)

Free registration is required.


Locate Your Phone

Get the coordinates of your phone (depends on gps/gprs) or play an alarm (even if the phone is in silent mode) to find your lost phone. Locate your phone sending a text from another phone, if it has been stolen or lost.


Droid Locator

Ever wonder where your moto droid went after you forgot it on silent mode? With this droid finder, SMS it with your Secret Code (case sensitive)to the droid and hear it sing even if ringer vol is 0! Try default message with “Loopy Lounge” ringtone and hear the DROID JAM! Supports Droid X EVO Nexus One.

Pro supports GPS.


Lost Phone Finder – DroidRing

  • Send SMS to get the current location of the phone (map link, street address)
  • Send SMS to ring the phone in max volume.
  • Changing the SIM card will trigger an alert message.
  • Receiving and Sending above SMSs usually won’t generate any notice.