Find Domain Name Easy and Fast – Domain Name Suggestion Tool

by on March 5th, 2008

Ever felt pains in looking for a new domain name for your corporate identity? Ever wondered what name should you choose while it seems that all short and nice names have been taken? Well I did. Now that I am considering seriously having some of pro domain names and launching my couple of blogs in a true way, I searched a lot for some good names but It seemed to me that whatever name I thought, that’s taken already.


It is really a tiresome and boring job to search for a good domain name. We have seen many web hosts which suggest some alternatives to our search keywords but these words also do not help sometimes. Here today I found a new online tool for quick and auto domain name suggestions. Interesting fact is this; It tries to come up with shortest keywords combination and sort of bring good and meaningful keywords together to create a domain name.

Makewords Online Free Domain Name Suggestion Tool helps you find the right domain name for you. you do not even need to always provide it a hint. Just click create domain names and It will suggest cool domain names for you. You can filter search results by limiting minimum and maximum words, by start and end word. You won’t be disappointed. Fun and easy way to find right domain name for your corporate identity. Give it a try.