How to Copy File Download Link from myFiles in Rapidshare

by on May 13th, 2013

This is not difficult at all and many users know this already but if you are new to RapidShare then it might give you tough time in the beginning. RapidShare has been updated recently. RapidShare web-based uploader and file manager are simple. Hit upload button (orange color button – left top corner), browse files and start uploading. You can even create folders and arrange your uploaded files in different folders. Now did you see that the file (that you just uploaded) download link is hidden from view. After upload you will share it will buddies. But where exactly is the download link for file that you want to share? Get rapidshare download link for your file.

The web interface of RapidShare file manager displays file type, file name, file size, downloads, file ID and you can add some more columns by clicking the settings icon where file name or file size are written as column captions. But there is no file link.

Solution is right click on the file.

Right click on the file or file row in file manager of RapidShare and it will display a menu that will offer options to rename, move or delete that file. That menu has the download link for that file in the bottom. Copy that download link and share it where ever you want.

Similarly right clicking on RapidShare folder in file manager will give you folder link to share.