Feedburner is No More – Good Luck Feedburner

by on February 15th, 2009


Today I logged in to my feedburner’s account to check my stats and I was greeted at a different page. I was horror struck for a moment. They said that move feeds to Google Account. They said:
Moving to a Google Account is easy. Take the plunge now!
Your feeds should move to Google. Why?

  • FeedBurner’s new features will only appear in Google Accounts.
  • AdSense for feeds only works with Google Accounts.
  • Burned feeds will work only if they’re hosted on Google.

Further more they are encouraging Google Analytics instead of FeedBurner’s Site Stats for website traffic statistics. You will be able to view and manage all of your feeds and their settings by visiting the new address:

Time to update links to RSS Feeds buttons at blogs.

Feedburner was good. Every time when some service stops I feel it a lot. Its something like moving in a new home. You may feel good about new environment but still you do not feel leaving that. If I would have a choice, I would not move from Feedburner. Google is good. But still I used to feel at home with Feedburner.

But hey! Meanwhile I have checked the new home. It looks exactly like Feedburner. I think we will have to change the links for feeds just. Rest all is the same. What do you think? Have you moved your feeds?

Okay, seems like Google is taking over everything, it can. Feedburner is there but it runs under Google account.

One Review

  1. Raza says:

    The service is same. They have just moved to google.