FarmVille Tools and Tips Update

by on April 25th, 2010

Again…! I myself do not play Farmville but there are thousands and thousands of people who are playing this game. I have posted some free tools to automate FarmVille before. So here is something more for those FarmVille lazy farmers. Recently I found that Zynga is blocking videos at YouTube containing FarmVille tips and tricks. They are claiming it that its against the TOS and YouTube is removing those videos. Poor Farmville farmers got no help what so ever left. I have searched online and found many many websites and tools full of spam and scam online. People are just writing for traffic at the topic of FarmVille. Anyways! Beware, not all the tools are original and free from spam. Use these tools at your own risk. best practice is to have an updated anti-virus in your PC that will immediately discover and block access to malware or any spyware in that tool. Here is an update on how to accelerate FarmVille a bit more. Use these for fun. The game is fun, right? Avoid any damage to PC though. If you are not interested in tools, then I have got some cool tips for you as well. So here it is.

On asking my little brother who is a crazy FarmVille farmer (at that fake fake online Farmville Farm), I got some cool tips out of his mouth which might be useful for you.

FarmVille Tips and Hints

FarmVille Farm Efficiency and Management

At the upper side and rightside of farm, place all the trees, buildings and fences. Because farm grows and expands at the left side and downward side. When you will use upperside and right side, you will be comfortable when your fake farm will expand.

Clear a section in your field of plots, you need to create a nice section of land. Clear nine spots in a formation. Now ‘walk’ your person in the middle of this section.

Go to the market, purchase the cheapest fences, and set the fences around the person. After you have set four fences down you will need to turn two of them. You can click on the fence when it is placed and turn it sideways. This effectively blocks in the person and now you can plow and plant much quicker.

This fence trick is super handy if you have a large amount of area to plow or plant. If you use other items to block in your person, he or she will walk around the perimeter and proceed to plant or plow.

Get Ribbons and Increase Experience

Read descriptions of ribbons in ribbon section and then decide which ribbon to acquire and how much effort is required for that.

Get Experience, Cash and Move Up the Level Quickly

The strawberries will give a player the experience needed and the cash to move up the levels quickly. It is time consuming, but well worth the effort if one wishes to make the levels fast.

Know what to Plant and When?

Planting a field full of peas which take a day to grow will net the player 7.652 coins an hour and will earn the player 3 experience points per hour. Onions, sunflowers, sugar cane, lilies, grapes, tomatoes, and asparagus are also good buys, but these crops are only available on the higher levels.

Crops grow and ripen at various times. There is no way to stop the crops from growing while you are away from your computer. Plant the crops that take longer to grow when you go away from your computer for a while.

If you are planning on being away from your computer for longer hours or a day then try planting tomatoes, pumpkins, or sugar cane. All of these items are available at different levels and they can really make the difference in rotting fruit. This saves money and time from clearing rotted crops.

FarmVille Tools Update

FarmVille Magic Tools 1.6

Farmville Magic Tools is the ultimate cheat for Farmville on Facebook. Farmville Magic Tools is a program for Windows that allows you to automate many operations of Farmville game in Facebook.

This program harvest, plants and plows VERY fast and it works on all the different FARM sizes. Farmville Magic Tools scans your farm plots automatically, so there is no need to adjust any settings regarding sizes and positions.

You can harvest trees and collect from animals with just one click instead of three! It provides also an auto sell /delete confirm feature.

How to Use

The .zip file contains a text file and the Magic Tools program (a simple .exe file). Double click on the .exe file and it will launch. Then open FarmVille in another window. Scroll all the way out in FarmVille, then drag and drop the cow in Magic Tools over your farm. Then select Magic Plow Tool, Magic Plant Tool and Magic Harvest Tool and ripe crops will automatically be harvested, plowed and seeded.

The hack also has an option to automatically Harvest/Collect for trees and animals. Just select a tree/animal and all of the harvesting will be done with a single click.

TechMynd and FarmVille Tools developer assume no responsibility for any damage, malfunction or improper use of this software. This software needs to contact software developer server in order to work. The author can disable the program at any time.

Download FarmVille Latest Magic Tool

Version 1.6 Installer

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Version 1.6 Zip

Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

Version 1.5

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Tool Original Source

There is someone who is selling FarmVille Tools

What these tools do is:

Harvest in 1 Click! – automatically harvest your crops in 1 Click!
Plow in 1 Click! – automatically Plow your Land in 1 Click!
Seed in 1 Click! – automatically seed your plants in 1 Click!
Harvest when you away! – automatically harvest when you away!

FarmVille Tools is a FarmVille Cheats application to help you to harvest, plow and seed your crops in one click. With FarmVille Tools, you can harvest, plow and seed all crops in 3 seconds.

FarmVille Tools even has a mouse recorder tool which can help you to record your mouse moves and clicks. It means that FarmVille Tools will automatically harvest your crops once they growed up, even though you leave away your PC!


There is a toolbar for farmers of FarmVille named as ‘Farm Helper – Farmville Helper Toolbar’ but Do not use it because its full of spam and scam and it will send you a lot of emails. Read this reviews page before using that toolbar.

Use caution…