Farmville for iPhone

by on June 8th, 2010

Play farmville using iPhone

The reason for Apple trying to avoid flash for iPhone is understandable. Did you know, in Flash a dangerous virus can be made and executed using actionscript? Imagine an iPhone which crashes again and again or an iPhone with ‘iPhone-screen-of-death’, better to call it iDeath. We heard that Apple has announced flash support for iPhone. True or not but here is a good news for FarmVille + iPhone lovers. farmville is coming to iPhone.

Game maker Zynga revealed the new app at Apple’s WWDC conference. FarmVille is one of the most popular games one and only popular game ever made for any platform, with tens of millions of players on Facebook (Facebook), and those players won’t have to miss a beat to start playing on the go. The iPhone version of FarmVille will sync up with the Facebook one, so nobody will have to start over.

FarmVille for iPhone will offer a certain edge to virtual farming fanatics; push notifications will let them know when their crops are in danger of withering. Some exclusive content will be available on the iPhone version as well, including a snow leopard.