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by on June 18th, 2009

Today I came across a search engine. They said that it is a Computational Knowledge Search Engine. I thought okay.., still a search engine. Let’s mess with it… I typed my name and hit enter; nothing found. I thought this is a really hopeless search engine which does not even know me who is sitting right in front of it. I tried my personal website name; nothing found. WTH! Then I explored it a little bit and found that it was a different kind of search engine. I mean not every search engine is Google which even knows where your grand parents lived. Try an alien name living at Mars and Google will give you some images and links or probably some videos too showing how to arrange a meeting with that alien. Anyways! we are talking about some computational knowledge based search engine. No spammers or bloggers exaggerations; just Facts and Figures.

If you are really looking for some facts and figures about some place, date, event, company, brand etc then try this amazing search engine. It won’t give you thousands articles to read about how to sing like Britney spears but it will surely tell you some secret facts about Britney spears right away.


Try a few things as a new fellow there e.g.

enter any date (e.g. a birth date)
enter any town (e.g. a home town)
enter any two stocks (IBM Apple)
enter any calculation ($250 + 15%)
enter any math formula (x^2 sin(x))
enter any two first names (andrew, barbara)
enter any food (1 apple + 2 oranges)
enter any measurement (45 mph)
enter any chemical formula (H2SO4)
enter any musical notes (C Eb G C)

You can ask it more specific even complicated questions as well:

weather springfield (It will even show you a graph of weather in springfield during past 10 years, cloud cover, conditions etc.)
Try asking weather springfield 11/6/89
Try asking more complicated question:
weather springfield when david ortiz was born

It will definitely show you the charts, graphs and other calculations, comparisons and much more knowledge which it can gather. Tell me honestly. Can Google answer to this question? weather springfield when david ortiz was born ??? But WolframAlpha can.


Looks like Google is a crap in front of this search engine which gives you facts, figures, graphs, options and range to select for your question. You can ask real time complicated questions and this search engine will give you the facts right away. Even you can ask medical test results and comparison between two different phenomena or companies.


You can calculate Mortgage information using this search engine. Try Mortgage 5% 30 years


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Display Wolfram Alpha results in Google searches

The best part. You can use this amazing technology along with Google. Search at Google anything using firefox and get results from Wolfram Alpha at the same search results page as well. Display Wolfram Alpha results in Google searches. No need to switch search engines when you can use both at once! Just do a search on Google and the Wolfram Alpha result for that search will appear on the right side.


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Wolfram Alpha’s long-term goal is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone. We aim to collect and curate all objective data; implement every known model, method, and algorithm; and make it possible to compute whatever can be computed about anything. Their goal is to build on the achievements of science and other systematizations of knowledge to provide a single source that can be relied on by everyone for definitive answers to factual queries.

Wolfram Alpha aims to bring expert-level knowledge and capabilities to the broadest possible range of people—spanning all professions and education levels. Their goal is to accept completely free-form input, and to serve as a knowledge engine that generates powerful results and presents them with maximum clarity.

Wolfram Alpha is an ambitious, long-term intellectual endeavor that we intend will deliver increasing capabilities over the years and decades to come. With a world-class team and participation from top outside experts in countless fields, their goal is to create something that will stand as a major milestone of 21st century intellectual achievement.

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