Facebook, Orkut and MySpace Desktop Client Download

by on August 19th, 2009

Most social addicts use multiple social networking websites. What if we have got a solution to connect to Facebook, MySpace and Orkut at the same time from our desktop and not from the browser? Messenger style! Everything at one place. That would be a whole easier way to connect people and remain updated all the same time. You get a messenger style app that will bring all the common tasks which you do otherwise at different social networking websites by opening multiple browser tabs. You can switch the social service without quitting the other. You won’t be needing to go to Orkut, Facebook and Myspace anymore, yet you will be more productive, save time and get more from social networking.

  • Improved Facebook Chat (the way it should be)
  • Multipurpose Window
  • Leave time constraints behind and do everything you want at Scrapboy speed
  • Customize Your Updates
  • Find out what you want to know, not what Facebook thinks you want
  • Detagged Photo and Wall Post Viewer
  • Never miss any photos
  • Live Agenda
  • Never miss birthdays and events


Download Scrapboy

Download Scrapboy

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  1. Ashish says:

    Thats great