Facebook Aims to Deliver Internet Access to Parts of the World via Drones

by on March 6th, 2014

Facebook is said to deliver internet access to the parts of the world where it is not available yet. Starting from Africa, Facebook will achieve this by acquiring drone technology. Drone drives itself and its powered by batteries drawing required energy from the Sun. These can be used in many ways, including weather monitoring, disaster recovery, Earth imaging, or communications.

TechCrunch revealed in a report that Facebook wants to buy Titan Aerospace (Maker of Drones). These solar-powered drones can fly for five years without needing to land. According to the source the deal price is around $60 million. These aerial vehicles (UAVs), possibly the “Solara 60” model that Facebook wants to use are cheaper and more versatile.

If Titan Aerospace is acquired, all of its production is said would be for the Internet.org project only. And if Facebook could provide Internet connectivity to the developing nations via this program, a basic version of WhatsApp can be brought available to users of those nations. They might not be able to send or view photos, and rich media files but they would be able to send and receive messages and view their Facebook status updates. This internet will be free or in an affordable price range.

Previously Amazon announced its plans to deliver via flying robot drones and after that Facebook seems to be interested in reaching to every possible corner of the world to get more and more users and business.