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by on July 3rd, 2010

face detection technology at facebook

Facebook has begun testing face detection technology for Facebook Photos. Some users will start seeing this feature today. The technology focuses on decreasing the time waste of “tagging” friends in Facebook photos. Currently users upload photos, click on each face in a photo ti tag that photo and continue the process until the complete album is tagged. This takes a lot of time if there are many photos.

Most people spend their time uploading, browsing and tagging photos. As a result, we’re working to improve your experience in each of those areas. For tagging, we began testing today a faster and easier way for you to tag your own photos.

Facebook has implemented face detection technology that will automatically find faces in photos and select them, eliminating time wastage in tagging Facebook friends in photos. Your friends are already selected by the software, all you have to do is answer the Facebook prompt, “Whose face is this?”

The technology is the same as the facial detection technology most digital cameras use today, this is the web version of it which is a clever and very welcomed addition to the Facebook Photos feature.

There is also a new iPhone App that recognize people based on facebook. It’s called FaceLook – face recognition for iPhone.

With this new feature, tagging at FaceBook is faster since you don’t need to select a face. It’s already selected for you, just like those rectangles you see around your friends’ faces when you take a photo with a modern digital camera. All that’s left for you to do is type a name and hit enter.

According to FaceBook the tagging feature is just the start of improvements FaceBook is trying out.

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