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by on January 12th, 2009

With Picnik Web-Based Photo Editing Tool, image editing is fun, cool and easy. I would not suggest you an online Image Editing Tool because we have Adobe Photoshop. But there are lot more people online who do not use Adobe Photoshop and want a quick fix, quick effects for their photos. I tried out recently Picnik tool and I really liked it. No need for registration. You can register as well. Flash and ajax based interface. Very cool and smooth work flow. Marvelous quick fixes for any photo. You just upload any photo, edit it and save/share it. Save it to your PC if you like.


See the difference by yourself. I think its fun using this tool. In few seconds and clicks you can really fix any given image to a better looking state using it. Please do not mind my poor image editing. I was just randomly checking tools while creating images which you can see here. You can do better than this.

Picnik makes your photos fabulous with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. Tweak to your heart’s content, then get creative with oodles of effects, fonts, shapes, and frames.
It’s fast, easy, and fun.



  • Fix your photos in just one click
  • Use advanced controls to fine-tune your results
  • Crop, resize, and rotate in real-time
  • Tons (!!Thats exaggeration…can’t be Tons!!) of special effects, from artsy to fun
  • Astoundingly fast, right in your browser
  • Awesome fonts and top-quality type tool
  • Basketfuls of shapes from hand-picked designers
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • No download required, nothing to install
  • All this for free!

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3 Reviews

  1. raza says:

    You can use ACDSee.

  2. Khalid says:

    mmm. Nice tool. The flow is just cool. Smooth and easy. Very nice software. Thanks hiroshi!

  3. Shani says:

    That’s good one. A person such as me who has not used any photo editing program, can definitely use this cool software. I made my display image with this one. Nice!!!