Expense Management Using Simple Excel Sheet

by on May 18th, 2010

simple expense management system by techmynd

Manage your expenses using “Simple Expense Management System” – Microsoft Excel spread sheet. This simple spread sheet will enable you to calculate how much and where are you spending in whole month and even in a year. You can input different income sources, define expected expenses and get the difference between your expectation and the actual amount of money you are spending for any important expense in a month and in a year while you can check the available balance at any time.

Everybody has got a computer. Every computer has got Microsoft Office or Open Office Installed in it. This system is for everybody. From everybody, I mean everybody. No complex stuff about it. If you have got to manage your expenses and would like to keep a log of what you spend and where you spend each month and each year in an easy way then this little software can help you.

How to Use
  • You have to enter data and values in appropriate places to get system work for you
  • Income sources are the income streams, one can have many income sources, enter values as you receive income in those boxes using separate boxes for different sources for your convenience
  • Balance box with red background is the cash in hand or current balance you have got at the moment
  • There are three sections. Actual, Projected and Extra/Less (difference)
  • In Actual section, enter values as you spend for different expenses. You can add more items there. Individual is a person there if you need to calculate the cost for any other particular individual.
  • Important expenses are included as grocery, bills, rent, other expenses etc. You may change the names according to your needs.
  • Projected section is estimated expenditures you expect. Enter values as you think you are going to spend for different expenses mentioned.
  • Extra/Less section calculates the difference automatically for you. It will take projected estimation for different expenditures and compare it from the actual cost you spent and tell you whether you are spending more or less for any expense or need.
  • Now the balance section will adjust available balance as you enter cost of expenses

Enter values in income sources. Enter projected or estimated expected cost of expenses in the projected section and start filling actual section with costs you spend for different needs mentioned there and that’s it. Watch available balance anytime. Watch Extra/Less (Difference) section to find out where you are spending more or less.


Its safe

You do not have to worry about spyware, trojan because its an Excel spread sheet, not a desktop software which can do stuff in background using your internet connection without you knowing it. So its perfectly safe.

Its Easy as ABC

Enter your income resource values. Define how much you expect to spend for any month at different expenses. Enter as you spend for your major expenses and get the difference.

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Size: 50.7 KB

Download Simple Expense Management System

Download Simple Expense Management System (XLSX and XLS both formats included)

Note: Please help us improve this system. If you want more features in this management system, let us know in comments and we will update the software.