ESET Nod32 Pro Free

by on May 15th, 2010

download eset nod32 pro free full version techmynd

There is no control over piracy or pirated software. Internet will always provide cracked and pirated software to users who want it unless software developers change the way they authenticate the license keys. Today I came across a source where you can find ESET Nod32 free license keys. is providing free licence keys for Nod32.

This is really strange. I can’t understand that why people like to do such stuff when there are many free online antivirus scanners and free antivirus solutions available!!!

Many antivirus software developers (Kaspersky) have changed the registration process. They verify license keys online and authenticate the originality of the license key. But some software providers have not paid attention to this new method thus are suffering from piracy issue and fruit of their efforts is being theft by crackers in this way.

This is caution for Nod32 developers.