FTP Error 530 Maximum Number Of Connections 10 For Your Host Are Already Connected

by on September 27th, 2008

530 Sorry, the maximum number of connections (10) for your host are already connected.

This error is caused by excessive opened connections via ftp. Whenever you are done with online ftp activity then close the connection from ftp properly otherwise it will be connected and some ftp or hosts may have limitations on opened connections. So after exceeding the limit you will no more be able to connect and then you will have to ask your host support from your host. There is a solution though.

Make sure that you close connection as soon as you are done with them, as some ftp clients will generally leave their connection open unless told otherwise. Additionally, some clients such as Filezilla will allow multiple connections for any new activity, which uses up connections quickly. While this does make for faster transfers.

I use mostly Cute FTP and I have been sometimes doing it to just close ftp software (Alt+F4) and not closing connection; but the point is that when you have been connected then you must close connection properly as well.

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  1. evilripper says:

    I had the same problem: “530 Sorry, the maximum number of connections (30) for your host are already connected.”
    I resolved in this way:
    edit–>settings–>transfers–> max simultaneus transfers = 5

  2. Balaji @ GuideTotech says:

    Thanks mate my problem is now resolved

  3. sariline says:

    oooh you realy helped me
    all of all thanks to you
    for your disponibility for your ideas…

  4. Hiroshi says:

    @sariline: O dear! I had experienced such problem at Dream Host too. I asked from support.
    They reconfigured and restarted the ftp service on machine. That cleared out the connections. They said that I make sure to disconnect ftp client when I am done, and my client isn’t set to make more than 2 connections at once.
    They recommend using SFTP after converting the username to a shell or sftp user instead since this issue does not occur with SFTP (which is also much more secure as well).
    Make sure your ftp client supports SFTP. Cute FTP supports SFTP.
    You can convert current user into SFTP or you can create a new user for ftp purpose.
    Make sure to select following while creating new user:
    Shell: allows SFTP/FTP plus shell access.
    You don’t break anything if you switch your user to SFTP/Shell. It’s quite simple, and if it doesn’t work, you can always switch it back. You have nothing to worry about.
    You can make the change via:
    Dreamhost Control Panel > Users > Manage Users > Click on “Edit” button for current user or click at add new user.
    What you want to do is select the “Shell account” option, then put a checkmark by “Disallow ftp”. What this does is, disable regular ftp access. So you will NEED to connect using SFTP or directly via a shell.
    You can also try their web ftp here.

    I recommend you to check your FTP settings. Do not use multiple file transfer sessions. Break connection after you are done.
    When you will create a different user i.e. SFTP for FTP, then this problem will be solved entirely.
    You can ask Dream Host support to refresh sessions and connections. They will tell you to switch to SFTP also.

  5. sariline says:

    thank you for answering me

    well my web host is:dreamhost
    and this error is keeping appearing to me it did not allow me to access at all
    and i’m in need to change my web site as soon as possible

    please help me
    all thanks

  6. Hiroshi says:

    @sariline: First we need to know what is your web host? Secondly it is always due to using FTP and not closing the connection properly when you are done. Ask your web host to increase connections allowed and do care with your FTP program to always properly close the connection. Some web hosts have also facility for special FTP secure connection which will close automatically in case of no activity.

  7. sariline says:

    at first thank you so much for this explocation you make clear so thank you again
    that’ error keep appearing to me …
    what can i do ?
    am i in need to keep traying until i succed ?
    or please
    pleae can you give me a solution