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by on August 20th, 2009

mp3 voice generator, text speech, Text to Speach GeneratorA free text to speech generator service with mp3 voice generator which provides you many facilities related to converting text into speech or converting text of your blog/website into speech. You can even have it for your browser to convert text into speech anywhere. If you want to present an audio presentation then just type or write text and convert it into speech (man or woman voice) and download the mp3 and place anywhere. It is like, do not read anymore, just listen to everything what you are looking at.

If you search for text to speech, text speech, speech to text, speech software, text reader or text to speech software you will find many software to do that. But I have got an online version of these tools for you.

They have many cool utilities for webmasters to utilize this service at number of platforms. You can choose this service to appear as text link or image link at your website/blog to use it. They have:

Text to Speach Generator Support

  • A WordPress Plugin
  • Script For Blogger
  • Joomla Plugin
  • iGoogle Gadget
  • Facebook widget

And you can add speech to your browser or your static website.

Generate Voice

Check out this Text to Speech Generator as well.

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  1. priyank says:

    hello, I need a converter which can convert a text into a voice of shakira..
    I need to convert text “india” in shakira’s voice. u can mail its mp3, to me on my email also.
    I am waiting for the reply..