Enable Quick Launch in Windows 7

by on January 27th, 2011

What a computer geek, web developer, web designer wants after filling his PC with all kinds of many many software? A nice quick launch toolbar in the taskbar to quickly access all his most favorite software. Normal PC user (multimedia user) won’t bother about it but a pro computer user definitely needs some way to quickly access all his favorite programs.

In Windows 7 ‘Quick Launch’ is hidden by default. Windows 7 offers customizations like never before in Windows. If you like to tweak Windows, you will love Windows 7. Windows 7 adopts your needs as a good OS should modify itself according to user’s custom personal needs. So here it is…You can bring the ‘quick launch’ back in Windows 7 following these steps.

Enable Quick Launch in Windows 7

Right click at the taskbar
Toolbars > New Toolbar
In the folder ‘input box’ type or copy past the quick launch location e.g.

%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Hit ‘select folder’
There you go

‘Quick launch’ will appear in the taskbar
To customize further, right click the taskbar and select/unselect ‘lock the taskbar’
After unlocking taskbar use ‘show text’ or ‘show title’, move the ‘quick launch’ and then lock the taskbar again.

Remove Quick Launch in Windows 7

To remove Quick launch from taskbar do the following

Right click at taskbar > Toolbars > Uncheck ‘Quick Launch’

Save your theme settings to make these changes permanent otherwise after next restart there will be no ‘quick launch’ in the taskbar and you will have to bring it back again.

Save Changes to Windows 7 Theme

Go to Control Panel > Personalize

Current theme will display text ‘unsaved theme’
Right click at unsaved theme icon and select ‘save theme’
A prompt will ask the name of this custom theme. Give it a name and save it.