Enabling Private Browsing for FF and IE

by on April 19th, 2009

private-browsingFirefox 3.1 and IE8 are bringing private browsing feature. It is present in Google Chrome as Incognito mode. So what’s that private browsing all about?

If you’ve closed the browser, and there are no traces of the websites you visited in the browser’s history, cookies or temporary files, that’s what we call private browsing. Private browsing is NOT an anonymous service. Private browsing is only about the browser not storing information about where you’ve been. It doesn’t make you hidden to your ISP or for example your boss if you are using the corporate network to job hunt.

Entering private browsing mode is simple. Click Tools > Private Browsing.
Private Browsing dialog window will be opened.
Click Start Private Browsing to start the private session.
From this point on, no history, cookies, files or bookmarks will be stored in your PC.
To end the private browsing session, go to Tools > Private Browsing and uncheck the option.
All your private tabs will be closed.

Begin private browsing automatically on opening browser

To start private browsing automatically everytime you open browser follow these instructions:

Enter about:config in browser
Find browser.privatebrowsing.autostart
Double-click on this to toggle it to true