Enable Hibernation In Windows Vista

by on August 27th, 2008

If the hiberfil.sys file on the system partition is removed, the option to hibernate is not available. A common reason for the hiberfil.sys to be deleted is from running the Disk Cleanup Tool, as explained in the Microsoft article “The hybrid sleep feature and the hibernation feature in Windows Vista may become unavailable after you use the Disk Cleanup Tool” (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928897/en-us ).

To create the hibernate file and re-enable hibernation, use the following command:

powercfg -h on

In Windows Vista, run the powercfg -h on command at a command prompt to enable the hibernate feature and the hybrid sleep feature.

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  1. Hiroshi says:

    @John: You can also use, Local Security Method to Enable the Administrator Account

    Visit the Local Security policy (MMC).
    Firstly click on Vista’s Start orb, then in the Start Search dialog box type:
    You must include the .msc extension.
    Drill down to Local Policy, Security Options
    Double click Accounts: Administrator account status, and select enable.

    Security settings > Local Policies > Accounts: Administrator account status > enable it.

  2. Hiroshi says:

    @John: @madel: Okay, that is because your default account in Windows Vista is not the administrator account. You can enable hidden administrator account in Vista and then use that account to do whatever you want to do. Please follow the instruction to enable the administrator account.

    Logon to Vista using your usual account.
    Launch the cmd prompt – Make sure you select, ‘Run as administrator’
    Net user administrator p£ssw0rD
    Net user administrator /active:yes
    Switch User, or logoff
    Logon as Administrator Password p£ssw0rD
    (Your password may be different!)

    Detailed Instructions to activate the Administrator

    Logon to Vista using your normal username and password.
    Click on the Start button
    Click on Start Search.
    Type, cmd.
    Right-click cmd, select ‘Run as administrator’ from the shortcut menu.
    In the black ‘DOS box’, type the following at the command line:
    Net help user
    The idea of the last command is just to observe the options for Net User. In particular, examine the syntax to set the password.
    The next instruction is the crucial command. I have chosen password = p£ssworD, you may want to choose different characters.
    Net user administrator p£ssw0rd
    Net user administrator /active:yes
    Check the message : The command completed successfully
    Switch User, or logoff
    Logon as Administrator Password p£ssw0rD (Your password may be different!)

  3. John says:

    Do you have an answer to these responses? Your advice is useless if the computer says that we don’t have permission! I am the admin. Who needs to give me permission, the president?

  4. madel says:

    Sigh…so how do I tell Vista that I am indeed the administrator on my bloody machine?

    Attempted to run command but was told by the machine that I do not have permission to enable or disable (funny how I was able to disable just fine…) hibernation.

    …how I hate Vista, let me count the ways.