Emailing Lists And Spam

by on December 3rd, 2007

Personally I do not think so that web based emailing list softwares spread spam at all. The reason behind this is that, user subscribes to receive email notifications by himself and if he wants, he can freely unsubscribe to not receive emails further. Every big successful/website has an emailing list to facilitate users to notify them if any updates are available for him.

Some servers think so. I have Cpanel hosting. Recently I used subscribe2 plugin from WordPress for my blog and started sending updates to my users. I had round about five hundred subscribers. As soon as I sent updates, I got an email from my hosting service that I have installed subscribe2…. (Page address) script and I must check whether its spamming script or else my account will be suspended.

I contacted my resellers who said that there might be some limit upon sending emails per day or per hour. And it brings load to their servers to run these kind of scripts. I wondered. I mean an emailing list software is supposed to mail many users at a time for sure.

There are many things which I might have taken into consideration before choosing my host. Here are some points to remember before choosing host.

  • Before choosing your host, ask your hosting service provider about all the services and facilities they offer.
  • Ask about all the restrictions they enforce.
    Do not select indirect host. It means there are resellers who resell hosting packages to you. Beware; You will not be able to contact hosting support direct.
    Always select direct hosting where you can contact support by yourself and can communicate directly.
  • Before selecting host, know your website needs and requirements and discuss in detail about these with hosting support.

I did not know much about hosting services around before. I have a list of some hosts to select from.
Best Hosting Service Providers

Do you think that Subscription Softwares/Emailing Lists spread spam?