Easy Yet Powerful Screensaver Creator – Freeware

by on May 21st, 2008

InstantStorm is a 100% freeware product and can be used also for commercial usage. Here are some examples of what InstantStorm can be used for:

  • Create your own screensavers for your computer.
  • Create a nice family screensaver and send it to family member.
  • Create a screensaver to promote your company’s new product and put it to your corporate website.
  • As a network administrator, you can install your screensaver to all computers in your company.
  • If you’re a PC manufacturer, you can for example pre-install a nice Flash screensaver to all your new laptops.

Easy to use

InstantStorm is really easy to use. If you’re a beginner, the New Project Wizard will help you make a professional screensaver in three simple steps.

Customization features

InstantStorm is the only free Flash screensaver creator that allows you to fully customize your screensavers.

  • InstantStorm screensavers include no nag screens or other annoying stuff.
  • All installer’s texts and images can be changed.
  • A custom icon file can be specified for your screensaver.
  • Installer supports custom license and readme files.
  • InstantStorm screensavers are fully localizable. You can translate all screensaver interface strings to your language.
  • The integrated Settings dialog designer allows you to customize the content (both images and SWF files are supported) of your screensaver’s settings dialog. Users can view this dialog by clicking the Settings button in system display properties.
  • Screensaver installer can be protected by a password.
  • A custom screen resolution for a screensaver can be defined.

Flash features

InstantStorm is designed to support all important Flash features.

  • If your Flash movie requires external files like SWF, TXT or AS, you can distribute them along with your screensaver.
  • Adobe Flash format is now fully supported.
  • If the screensaver’s main Flash movie includes “stop” ActionScript actions, InstantStorm allows you to remove them before compiling the screensaver.
  • Three scale modes are available – show all, 100% and exact fit.
  • Thanks to screensaver exit event customization, interactive screensavers can be created with ease.


Unlike most other Flash screensaver solutions, InstantStorm allows you to see what your screensaver’s installation is going to look like without compiling anything. Screensaver preview and settings dialog preview are available as well.


All screensavers created with InstantStorm support Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista.