Easy, Secure Automatic Upgrading WordPress – Video Demonstration

by on December 14th, 2008

I just updated my blogs to WordPress version 2.7. Upgrading can be tricky if you are doing it manually taking care of many precautions. You will have to download latest WordPress Version, unzip it, have to take backups of files and database, .htaccess, themes, plugins, uploads directory and much more. Then have to update files and database. Manually if anything goes wrong you will find yourself helpless. There are pretty good instructions about upgrading though at WordPress website (Links are at bottom).

I would recommend WordPress Automatic Upgrade Pluigin. You do not have to do anything. just activate the plugin, follow the instructions and with some clicks you will be safely running your upgraded fresh and better blog, fastest than before. Version 2.7 is really cool and faster than before including turbo tools in it.

WAU does not touches some elements in you blog as followings:

  • .htaccess file
  • Plugins directory
  • Themes directory
  • Uploads directory
  • Links, comments, tags etc
  • sitemap files

Database upgrade is also painless and without any loss. WAU is about secure and easy upgrade process.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade allows a user to automatically upgrade the wordpress installation to the latest one provided by wordpress.org using the 5 steps provided in the wordpress upgrade instructions.

WordPress automatic upgrade upgrades your wordpress installation by doing the following steps.

  • Backs up the files and makes available a link to download it.
  • Backs up the database and makes available a link to download it.
  • Downloads the latest files from http://wordpress.org/latest.zip and unzips it.
  • Puts the site in maintenance mode.
  • De-activates all active plugins and remembers it.
  • Upgrades WordPress files.
  • Gives you a link that will open in a new window to upgrade installation and database.
  • Re-activates the plugins.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin

I have prepared a video demonstration of the whole process so that you may realize that how much easy and secure it is to upgrade using WAU Plugin.

Upgrading Using WAU Plugin in less than 2 Minutes

If you use WAU plugin than instructions at followings links are not required, but it is always to be at safe side and taking full backups.

WordPress Upgrade Preparation Checklist
Upgrading WordPress
Upgrading WordPress Extended
Upgrading WordPress using SimpleScripts

One Review

  1. Zeus says:

    Thanks for the video. I did not use Automatic upgrade because I was in doubt about what it would do to my blog files. It is secure. Next time I would try this rather then doing it myself manual upgrade. cheers!