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by on October 25th, 2009

handy-backupRegular backups ensure your data security. There are many many software in the market boosting a lot and making backup process difficult as hell. Recently we have tried a great software which does exactly what it says and in easy most way we ever tried. Its like select files – choose what to do (take backup at CD/DVD or Zip file or upload Online at your server via FTP etc.) – and go (or schedule the task) and the backup is done. Handy Backup is an award-winning data backup and disaster recovery software for home and small to medium business environments. Designed for computers running Microsoft Windows. The program is widely recognized as the most powerful and cost-effective backup utility in its class. Handy back features:

  • Take backups in compressed zipped format
  • Take and store backups online using FTP, SFTP
  • Take backups and write at DVD/CD
  • Handy backups online
  • Schedule backup tasks – Set it and forget it
  • Easy to use wizard to guide you through process and easy options to choose from for backups
  • Absolutely easy and headache free backup process
  • Multiple options of backup type to choose from

Wizard that guides you through easy to use step by step backup process and offers options to facilitate you according to your needs.


Add or remove files or folders in backup task.


Take backup and write DVD/CD containing your data.


Schedule your data backup easily and forget about it.


Assign different names for different backups.


Set different users to take their own backups.


Set Backup email notifications.


Take backup and store data online via ftp file transfer.


Remote backup ftp, SFTP support.


Set ftp proxy and ports for backup task.


SFTP Support for online backup and destination select.


handy backup online.


Add files, folders, ftp files, desktop items, documents, outlook express files for backup task.


Specify whole folder for backup.


Take backups in zipped archive formats and set compression quality.


Handy Backup Standard

Simple PC backup utility for home and small office. Includes special plug-ins that facilitate Outlook backup and Outlook Express backup, Registry backup, Desktop backup, as well as backing up other data and programs. Supports file mask filtering, backup compression and backup encryption. Can create website backups via FTP and back up Android-based mobile devices NEW!, e.g. back up T-Mobile G1 (Google Phone). With Handy Backup you can store your backup to external drive, record backup to CD, copy backup to FTP, or place backup to network share. All operations can be configured to run as an automatic backup service of Windows.

Handy Backup Professional

Automatic backup software for advanced users and small businesses. Features secure backup transferring using SFTP and image backup function which creates complete disk drive backup with operating system, drivers and all user data. Can be used to clone hard drive through creating a disk image, and then restoring backup to a different HDD. Handy Backup Pro has all functions of the Standard edition, including e-mail backup, USB backup and FireWire backup. It can sync data between local folders or networked computers and supports Online backup.

Handy Backup Server

Complete corporate backup solution for Windows-based networks. Based on client-server architecture, the software performs files-based and disk image backup of network computers and server data. All workstation backup tasks are managed by a single network backup server and require no client-side assistance, which allows automating backup routine in an enterprise. Backup data is transferred to the central server which stores it on designated storage device, FTP location or network storage.

Get Full Registered Version of Handy Backup Professional Free

Two winners can have registration numbers for Handy Backup Software. Just comment below and tell us you want it.

Two free registration numbers for Handy Backup software are coming soon in coming week for TechMynd users. You just have to specify the right email in comments and place a comment about wish to have it. Two users will be selected randomly and given registration numbers and notified via email and also we will notify those winners here. UPDATE: Promotional offer is over. Winners have been announced.
Download Handy Backup

Download Handy Backup
Handy Backup

UPDATE-1: I have got the keys. One key for pro version goes to Sadeer Nasser. Who else wants it?
UPDATE-2: I promised two keys but I have given one key and still I have two more keys for TechMynd users. Just comment the post and get full version of Handy Backup Pro.
UPDATE-3: All keys distributed. Two more winners are Richard Nicholson, Abhishek. Emails containing the keys have been sent. Congratulations and thanks for participating.
UPDATE-4: No more keys. Promotional offer finished. Keep visiting TechMynd for further promotional offers.

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  1. Hiroshi says:

    @rkdaemon: Sorry, the promotional offer is closed. You arrived here late. Please check back for more promotional offers. This software was a backup software. You can check software in data recovery section for recovering your data.

  2. rkdaemon says:

    hi i need this because i have lost my partitions

  3. Hiroshi says:

    @Richard Nicholson: @Abhishek: Congrats both of you Richard Nicholson and Abhishek. You have been selected to receive the keys. You will receive the keys shortly. TechMynd received one free full pro version for personal use and two for users but I have given all three keys to users. Thanks for participating.

  4. Aubi says:

    Software sounds really good.

  5. Awais says:

    Can I have this software?

  6. Zeus says:

    Hi, I want one key please.

  7. mori says:

    That sound interesting, but is really so simple, or at least easier than using a secure USB flash drives? Another post about its data recovery would be interesting as well. Thanks.

  8. Abhishek says:

    Backing up your valuable data is very important. This program seems to be a good one. I want to try it out. Can I have a key please. Thanks.

  9. Hiroshi says:

    @Sadeer Nasser: Congrats – Email sent to you containing registering information and link for software download. Keep your data safe.

  10. Richard Nicholson says:

    I currently use GFI but this looks better

  11. Sadeer Nasser says:

    I don’t mind taking it!