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by on August 1st, 2011

dvdx - dvd to avi mpg vcd converter

Convert DVD to AVI and AVI to MOV file for iPod. DVDx allows you to convert DVD to VCD or DVD to SCVD or DVD to DiVX / Xvid (AVI) or DVD to Windows Media (WMV) in one step (including multiplexing, splitting). It produces very good quality movies in AVI / MPEG1 / MPEG2 / WMV format.

This technique can also lead you to get video for iPod. After when you get AVI format, you can use any AVI to Quick Time Movie converter e..g Xilisoft Video Converter Free Trial to get video ready for your iPod or iPhone.

Convert DVD to AVI – How To

Load your DVD in DVDx by choosing “OpenDVD Root” from the drop down menu and navigating to and selecting the VIDEO_TS file of your DVD.
Prepare your input settings for the dvd in DVDx.
Choose the correct video track, language of audio, output frame rate, and subtitles in the “Input Settings” menu.
Choose the correct parameters in the “Output Settings” menu.
Choose AVI, Export Settings resolution of 320×240 (iPod), choose a video codec (e.g. Cinepak), etc. and click “Apply”.
Rip the DVD by clicking on the red encode button on the bottom right.

This process may take quite a bit of time and disk space depending on the quality and length of the video.

Convert AVI to Quick Time Video for iPod – How To

Launch Xilisoft Video Converter
Choose “File > Add”.
Navigate to the .avi file you just created with DVDx.
On the bottom left of the window choose “QuickTime Format (*.mov)”.
Choose a destination for the file you will create.
Change the video size in the right hand column to 320×240 and click the Red Button which says ‘Convert item’.

That’s it.

Launch iTunes
Choose “File > Add File to Library”.
Choose the .mov file you created in the last step.
Click on “Videos” in the left column and double click on your file to make sure the video works.
Load it on your iPod and enjoy!

Size: 5.26 MB

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