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by on January 15th, 2014

duolingo language app

Duolingo is an application to learn languages free of cost on your mobile device. It includes Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English languages. It is fun with education kind of application. The concept behind this application is to offer fun ways to learn languages. You can learn all six languages provided in this app but that would not be a good idea. Lessons for one language at a time will truly help you learn it. It includes small lessons on language use for everyday life.

It offers a chart of sections, each section starts with basic words like man, woman, child and gender nouns. Duolingo includes a series of questions with visual, audio and written clues. You might not end up totally fluent in chosen language but this app provides a great base of knowledge here.

It is much like a game, a certain number of lives is given to the users. When their set of lives end, they have to restart the section. It is difficult to learn any language but Duolingo makes it easy for those who want to learn. This app is available for Android and iOS mobiles.


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