DuckDuckGo I am Feeling Ducky

by on May 25th, 2010

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DuckDuckGo is an easy to use search engine which supports keyboard shortcuts and standard calculations and conversions.

Keyboard Shortcuts

↓ or j — next result
↑ or k — last result
Enter or l — go to result
/ — go to search box
‘ or v — open result in new window
→ ← — switch search types
r — go to related topics (if any)

Type pw to get random password suggestion
Type ip and hit enter to know your IP address

DuckDuckGo provides additional features the other search engines are missing, e.g. “zero-click info”. DuckDuckGo keeps your searches anonymous.

Navigate DuckDuckGo search results using arrow or letter keys. Shortcuts ‘↓’ or ‘j’ jumps to the next result, while hitting ‘enter’ or ‘l’ will send you to the page. A full list of keyboard shortcuts is available at Goodies Page. zero-click info displays quick snippets of information related to your search term at the top of your results, saving time and without storing your information.

Generate random passwords and detect IP addresses with ease using this search engine. It recognizes other things like ISBNs and tracking numbers as well, along with standard calculations and conversions.