Allow Users to Upload Files in Your Dropbox

by on May 13th, 2013

I do not need to explain that “what is dropbox”. Home users use dropbox, companies use it, webmasters use it, everybody uses dropbox to store data online. Its a great online drive to store any kind of data, files, folders or archives. Data backup concept has shifted from local backup to online backup. PC hard drive is stable in most cases but for maximum security, users use online storage to store backup or any kind of data. Being online, data is available anywhere / anytime and it is in the cloud, so it is safe and will be accessible in every case. You can use dropbox to save your files and you can share those files as well. How do you allow other users to upload files to your dropbox account?

There are several ways to enable other dropbox users or users (not using dropbox) to upload files in your dropbox account. One simple way is sharing a folder that will enable other dropbox user to use that shared folder.

Dropbox Folder Sharing Invitation

You need to create a shared folder for that. Sharing will be done automatically once you complete invitation procedure. You will have to invite a user to join that folder.

Log in to your dropbox account. Go to Sharing (rainbow icon on left left menu). Click on New Shared Folder (enter folder name). Add the emails of the people you want to share the folder. The people invited to that folder should be able to view contents of the folder and upload files to it.

Or simply right click any folder and select ‘invite to folder’. Give email address of person that you want to share folder with and that’s it.

The other person should have dropbox account or he will need to signup for an account with dropbox. He will receive the email invitation to join that folder that you shared. After he accepts he will be able to use that folder and upload files in it too.

That was a simple method. If you are an experienced computer user then you can use other tools to allow users to send you files into your dropbox.

DBinbox for Dropbox

Link dbinbox with your dropbox account and by visiting this personal dbinbox, non-Dropbox users will be able to upload files straight into a special ‘inbox’ folder in your Dropbox. Send yourself a file from someone else’s computer without log into email or remember a tinyurl.


Use EntourageBox to invite friends to upload files to your Cloud storage folders. This tool Lets your friends/colleagues/family upload files to your Cloud storage (Dropbox, Amazon S3 Bucket, Google Drive).

Manage your existing shared cloud storages from one place. Connect EntourageBox with your Dropbox, Amazon S3 Bucket or Google Drive account and allow other users to send you files in your online storage. Amazon support is coming soon.

Use Dropbox Uploader Script

If you are a geek, web developer or computer programmer – you can build an easy to use script to upload files to your Dropbox. PHP is a simple way to go. You need PHP script to upload files to Dropbox and a web hosting server that can run PHP scripts. GitHub has got several ready to use Dropbox uploader scripts. Download any script that suits your needs and upload it to your web server and give its link to users who want to upload files to your Dropbox account.