Dreamweaver CS3 Crashes While Opening Specific Webpage

by on January 31st, 2009


Recently I was working with simple XHTML web page in dreamweaver cs3. I had to close and reopen the document while I noticed that Dreamweaver was crashing after opening that particular document. All other pages were opening fine and normal except for that document that was causing to close the dreamweaver after opening it. Here is the dream weaver crash solution. Whenever dreamweaver crashes, check the CSS for problem.

I noticed that the web page was opening in dreamweaver alright without CSS. The problem seemed to be with the CSS. I removed some lines (empty spaces) from CSS and opened the document again and it worked fine. The problem I do not know but its a little bug for sure which has only this solution to remove some empty spaces within your CSS document or possibly remove some code and open the document. You can paste that code in CSS document after when the document has been opened again. By removing empty spaces from CSS, dreamweaver crashing problem will be solved.

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  1. Arno says:

    Many thanks to you, i had this crash problem, and don’t know what the heck append, i reformat my CSSs, and it works now !

  2. Doug says:

    I have crashing problems, I seem to have narrowed it down to the old style facebook badge page

  3. Sandy says:

    Same problem here. How can I get my page to open up in Dreamweaver to reduce the file size???
    Thanks in advance

  4. chuck says:

    I wouldn’t have believed this was true, but I checked my CSS file and it was exactly 8,192 bytes. I added a tagline to the CSS file and everything was better. Crazy!

  5. Alexandre says:

    My DW CS3 crashed every time I opened a given css file (directly or indectly), and it really was because of the size! 8,192 kb! I added some commented lorem ipsum, and it was ok again! I can’t believe that.

  6. Amanda says:

    whatever the problem was I was having (DW) crashing and not even getting started good before crashing again was a nightmare and I lost 2 days on this! I unistalled the entire suite and still nothing – matter of fact, worse off than before bc it failed to install ANY program! Finally after an hour wait with Adobe Tech Support, they were able to atleast get my programs to install yet DW was still crashing with this certain site – I followed this guys instructions and edited the CSS through notepad and BOOM – problem solved.. what a joke.

  7. ALR says:

    Adobe is leaving its designers out to dry. They know that we are having problems with DW and refuse to help us.

  8. ALR says:

    CS4 is not compatible with Windows 7. Don’t upgrade like I did.
    Send comments to me at [email protected]

  9. Hiroshi says:

    @Helen: Vista has issues. Use Windows XP or Windows 7, Ubuntu or MAC.

  10. Helen says:

    My Dreamweaver won’t even open with my Windows Vista. It crashes when I try to open it and then just closes.
    Does anyone know what I should do?! Please help!


  11. Scott Hoff says:

    I had the same issue. it really is an issue with the file size. That could have left me messed up all day!

  12. Dan says:

    Here’s the reason (and probably the craziest bug in any program ever): Dreamweaver crashes when opening any css file that is 8,192 kb or any multiple of that.

  13. raza says:

    Never witnessed Dreamweaver crashing. It looks like CSS problem.