Dreamhost Manage Private Server Resource – Even Better

by on February 18th, 2011

For a popular wordpress powered blog you need PHP virtual private server or dedicated private server. Dreamhost dedicated server and virtual private server are great choices for growing blogs. We also use Dreamhost virtual private server hosting and we have published this website host review earlier. Dreamhost hosting is reliable. Dreamhost VPS has been powerful virtual private server for our wordpress blogs. Private web server allows you to expand resources as your blog demands. Private server hosting is not cheap so it should be managed by you at regular basis according to your website/blog needs otherwise you will have to pay extra bucks every month that your website never used. Dreamhost shared server is also powerful enough to bear a blog’s load. When you need performance and there comes a phase when your blog attracts hundreds of users at the same time, then you need to shift towards VPS hosting or PS hosting where you can scale resources as you need. Dreamhost offered a slider to increase or decrease resources of PS as you need them which also affected at monthly costs. In Dreamhost Panel there was no indication or alert of exact resources blog uses at that specific time except for a graph. Then Dreamhost changed their system and things became a bit dodgy. We had to always keep slider a little more than the graph measurements. On asking they said that some portion of resources (swap) is needed by the system that is why you need to keep it a little bit higher than the graph details. Now they have modified the system and its good to find improvement in how we can manage our PS resources.

You know you have to keep balance between resources and website earnings. Sometimes your website needs more resources but it does not earn that much. Webmasters try to manage hosting resources in a manner so that website get what it needs and not more. You raise resources and you pay more. The confusion about the slider and adjusting Dreamhost PS resources seem to be solved now. Before you never know how much the website is using at the moment. Now if you decrease the resources then it will allow you to decrease resources if website load is lower than the newly adjusted resource. If website load is higher than the newly adjusted resource, it will fail to resize PS resources and will give you details about your failed attempt and let you know the actual resources usage at that time. This is good because you get the idea of how much actual resources (Private Server RAM) you need at that moment and you can accurately adjust resources for your website according to its actual needs and save money.

Not just actual resource usage information, but you can even force adjust resources to a lower level than needed. It may result in restart of PS but you can do it.

Great improvement in the Dreamhost VPS system. Still you have to adjust it by yourself. I just wish that web hosting should be cloud based. I mean you should pay for what you use and it should scale up or scale down itself automatically on need. But that is the future, isn’t it?