Downside of Dreamhost and Dreamhost PS

by on August 7th, 2009

Nothing is perfect or vital forever in this world. Sometimes somethings are good for some people but are bad at the same time for others. Dreamhost is a great host but here are some facts that might bother some people. I think its no big deal. They can consider about these points.

  • You can not contact Dreamhost via phone directly in every case.
  • They do not have a regular contact phone number for everybody and anybody.
  • You have to wait sometimes for 24 hours for support to get back to you.
  • There is no Live chat system for support contact.
  • You do not know what they have until you are in and see it for yourself.
  • Sunday is off for support.
  • You do not know that the RAM you are using is the actual RAM, or its just the graph. Still you have to use it. I mean I want to visit sometimes to Dreamhost and see my server and say…Ah! Great…there it is. And I will for sure, sometime in future.
  • You can not have more than one hosting accounts.
  • You do not get root access.

They may change these things anyways, in future. And I also might be wrong here at some point. Correct me if I am wrong.